How to Lay a Gravel Path

A gravel pathway is a desirable feature among the majority of home owners with gardens because it mixes well with the natural surrounding with a  classy appeal at the same time. A gravel pathway is an appealing way to guide to a center point like the house, a fountain etc.  the installation is very easy and all you need is the gravel and the determination to do it yourself. Devote a day for the work and collect the things require beforehand. Right now you have the most essential tool  and that is this guide.

Things required:

– Tape measure
– Spray paint
– Shovel
– Hand tamper
– Weed killer
– Landscaping fabric
– Pressure-treated two-in. by six-in boards
–  Crushed stone


  • 1

    Mark out path:

    Mark out the path you desire. Make its template on the ground with the spray paint or a rope. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width. It is preferable if you keep the same width along the entire length to give a look of uniformity.

  • 2

    Dig the path:

    For gravel paths you do not have to dig very deep. Dig up to a six inches with your shovel. Use the spade to straighten up the sides of the trench. The base should be smooth.

  • 3

    Pack the trench:

    Add a layer of crushed stone to the smooth trench base. Pack it done with the rake to form a compact base. Use the rake to create a level surface. Spray some water over the trench to dampen it lightly. Use a hand tamper to pack down the crushed stone so as to make a compact base for the gravel.

  • 4

    Landscape fabric:

    Place landscaping fabric in the trench. It should cover the bottom fully. It prevents any weed from growing through. If you are using more than a single cover, both the covers should overlap each other well with no gaps. The shiny side of the fabric should be facing you. Use relief cuts to help the fabric around turns. Use spikes and pins to contain the fabric down and in place.

  • 5


    You need edging around the path to keep the gravel in place. This could be both plastic and steel. The edging should be four inches high. Put a woodblock over the edging and hammer it down so that the edging below it crosses the fabric and secures into the ground. Do it at various locations along the edging. Use a shovel to pack soil around the edging so that it is secured snugly into the ground.

  • 6

    Lay gravel

    Use your gravel to lay gravel along the path,  up to a height that is 1/2 inch less than that of the edging. Use  a rake to level off the surface. You have a perfect gravel path now.

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