How to Properly Prune a Tree

There are many reasons to prune a tree. You might want to shape the tree to improve its appearance. Or perhaps you would like to maintain a certain height with the tree. When you prune a tree, it allows new branches to grow and the air to circulate better. Whatever the reason that you have for wanting to prune the tree it is important that you do it properly in order to maintain the health of the tree.

The first step to take when you prune a tree is to make a small cut on the bottom on the branch. You do this to break the bark and keep the bark from tearing the stem tissue of the tree. This step is important to make sure that other parts of the tree are not damaged while you prune the tree. Completely sever the branch from the tree by making a cut about a half-foot away from where you made the first slit. This should leave a stubbed end on the tree. The final step is to cut the stub as close as possible to the trunk of the tree. Complete these steps for each branch of the tree that you wish to prune.

The time of the year and amount that you prune is just as important as how you cut the branches away. The dormant season is the best season to prune the tree because this is the time of least growth. Late fall and winter is the dormant season for most trees. You can prune the tree of dead branches at anytime without affecting its growth. A good heuristic to follow is to prune as little as possible from the tree. The more you prune, the more stressed and vulnerable the tree will become.

Knowing the correct way to prune a tree is the best way to make sure that you not only get the job done, but that you also get it done right.

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