Detroit Science Center

The Detroit science center is located in Detroit. With easy access to the freeway this is a sure trip you would want to take. There are things to do for people of all ages. Very clean and well maintained. Lots of employees around to help you with any questions that you may have. Bring a lunch or buy one there and spend the day.

Home to Michigan’s only Imax dome theater. This is a movie theater with a screen that is all around the seats. It is shaped just like a dome. During the movie you will enjoy the feeling of being right there. We seen a movie on bugs. They showed us bugs up close and the circle of life. It really felt like you were there in the grass with the bugs. This was very neat.

The Robots exhibit was great for the children. This exhibit was all based on the movie Robots. So many things in here to see and do. Build your own robot, and see if it will last in space or under water. Build things with robot hands. Places to take you children’s pictures acting as robots. There are lots of things to read also. They tell you how robots were built. What they do now, and how far they have came.

The space exhibit is located on two different floors. The fourth floor is all space themed. Here you can touch actual rocks that were once in space. meet Galileo and look through his telescope and see the stars as he once did. children and adults can go for a ride on a centrifuge that you power just like a bike. Walk inside a space ship. Here you can look out a window and see what astronauts really see as they land on the moon. Lay in a space ship bed. play on a computer and much more.

A room set aside just for the little ones. This room is geared for children under six. In here everything is touchable. They have computers set up along the walls, for children to play games on. There is a water table with a hand pump faucet. Dont worry there are water proof jackets for your children to wear. Places for them to build thinsg out of foam blocks. There is a lot more for them to do here.

They have lots of live demonstrations. Kids get picked from the audience to help out during these. They learn and have fun at the same time. Lots of places throughout the whole place for children and adults to stop and touch. Learn how electricity works. Hand power a light bulb. Everything here can be touched and played with. There is a cafeteria here with plenty of picnic tables. Lots of hands on for the kids. They will learn so much and not even know it. On your way out don’t forget to buy something to take home. The prices in here are not that bad either.

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