How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

Owing to its thick green stalk, the Lucky Bamboo is often mistaken for real bamboo, whereas it is simply a type of grass that has its origins in Africa. New plants are propagated from the shoots of mature plants, and in addition to adding a splash of green to your home, these can make great presents for family and friends.

Things Required:

– Lucky Bamboo donor
– Pruning shears or a large knife
– Spare vase
– Small pebbles
– Distilled water


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    Begin by searching for a healthy and mature Lucky Bamboo plant, to serve as your donor plant. Since these plants have no blooming season, they can propagate all year round, without being bound to a particular time or season.

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    Once you find a suitable plant, cut a 6-inch long section off the top, and if possible, keep the joint. Use a large sharp knife or a pair of pruning shears for this purpose, and cut at a 45 degree angle. If, however, you are unable to find a healthy plant to serve as a donor, simply purchase a cutting at a garden supply store.

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    Now, once you have obtained a small cutting of a Lucky Bamboo plant, it is time to allow it to root and grow into a new plant. For this purpose, you will need to place it vertically in a pot or vase filled with around an inch of distilled water (add in some pebbles if you wish, to keep the plant steady). It is essential to make sure the water is distilled and pure – tap water frequently contains chemicals, which the Lucky Bamboo plant cannot tolerate. If you cannot keep the plant in a pot or vase, laying it down in a pan filled with distilled water will work just as well. However, make sure you keep changing the water after every two weeks, to prevent algae or mould from growing in the container.

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    After this is done, the plant must be kept in indirect sunlight, and allowed to develop its root system. Direct sunlight will be too harsh, so make sure the plant is not exposed to this – Luck Bamboo shoots also thrive in the shade of other plants. Meanwhile, you can help the process along by keeping the Lucky Bamboo shoot moist at all times. Once the shoot starts to develop roots, you can take it out, and transplant it – plant it in some moist soil, or a pot filled with water and rocks.

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