How to Edge a Sidewalk with Brick

There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of bricks as edging material for sidewalks, garden beds and any other path. They are economical, easily accessible and carry a rugged yet cool look that makes them a top choice. Edging a sidewalk with bricks not only gives the sidewalk a regular shape and a sense of formality but also adds to its visual appeal. Bricks can be used to make different patterns and designs. The job is an easy one and can be completed in a single day. You should collect the right tools and things required beforehand so that the process goes smoothly.

Things required:

– Brick pavers
– String
– Mason’s sand
– Shovel
– Gloves
– Stiff broom
– Measuring tape
– Circular saw equipped with a masonry blade
– Trowel
– Level
– Tamper


  • 1


    Hold a string to the length of the sidewalk. Measure this length. This will give you the length of the path and an idea of how many bricks you are going to need. Average bricks are 3 inches wide and edging has an allowance of one inch for the sand. Use a garden hose, string or paint to mark out the outline of your edging on the path.

  • 2

    Dig soil:

    Use a shovel to dig a trench following the edge lines you made in step one. The depth should be equal to the height of the bricks. However, the edging should be at level with the sidewalk.

  • 3

    Prepare the trench:

    Use the tamper or the back of the shovel to tamp the bottom and sides of the trench so that the bricks have a smooth surface to be placed on. Pour an inch layer of sand into the trench. Spread it equally using the level. The sand helps keep the bricks in place by filling the gaps between them.

  • 4

    Lay bricks:

    Start placing the bricks over the sand. Use a level to ensure that all of them are at the same height and at par with the sidewalk. At places where the brick level is low, apply more sand in the bottom. In places where the bricks are standing above the level, tamp the bricks down. The edging should be even with the sidewalk. If you need to cut any brick, use the circular saw for the purpose.

    Once you are done installing the bricks, pour sand over them. use a broom to wipe the sand around, filling spaces and gaps. The purpose is to make the bricks fit snugly so that they stay in place.

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