How to Care for Cosmos Plants

Cosmos, a member of Asteraceae family, are one of the small plant species in the world with around 20 to 26 species of flowering plants. Cosmos plants are spongy, stretchy, fluffy and fern like. They rarely grow as high as human eye-level. The wide range of vibrant and eye-catching colors of cosmos plants can be grown indoor or outdoor effectively when the proper care and attention is provided. Taking care of cosmos is a simple and very cost-effective activity. Now, if you are a gardening enthusiast and want to introduce cosmos to your house’s flower section, then make sure to get a proper idea how Care for Cosmos Plants. Here we go…


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    Sunlight for Cosmos Plants

    Sunlight is an essential requirement for the growth and nourishment of cosmos plants. They bloom well in areas receiving full sunlight.

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    Find some poor soil for Cosmos plants

    Cosmos plants do not require any specific fertilizing as they prefer poor quality soil. So you would not find it difficult to find right soil for your cosmos plants. However, you can feed your plants occasionally with organic fertilizer tea bags as they do not contain chemicals and are power pack of the nutrients that most of the plants love.

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    Cosmos are one among the known drought resistant plants and therefore do not require frequent watering. During rainy seasons, the cosmos plants do not require watering at all. However, if the soil around the plants dries out or they haven’t received rainfall several weeks, water them thoroughly. Morning and evening are the suitable timings to water your cosmos plants.

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    Monitor your Cosmos Plants

    Any sudden and unfortunate insects’ attack can ruin your cosmos plants. Stem canker, Powdery mildew, Gray mold, and Aphids etc are the insects that do not miss any opportunity to find their way to cosmos plants. Inspect your plants on daily or at least weekly basis to keep an eye on insects or other diseases. Water-soap mixture is a simple remedy to do away with the mentioned insects.

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    Prune your Cosmos Plants

    Prune your cosmos plants properly to maintain their desired shape. Use pruning shears sharp or pair of scissors to trim the dried and faded flowers down to about 18 inches once the flowering season is over. This simply activity supports cosmos plants’ second blooming cycle.

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