How to Remove a Tree Stump

Tree stumps are left behind after trees are felled because the widest part is usually very hard to remove and is too low. These stumps give an ugly look to the landscape and remain there for years. It is possible to get rid of these stumps if you know the right techniques.  If you have a tree stump lying around your yard since ages, it is probably high time that you remove it because we bring you all the right techniques you need to perform the task.  Choose one technique that you are comfortable with and which your local environment rules approve.

Things required:

– Stump grinder
– Burning gear
– Commercial stump killer
– Spade


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    Use a spade to dig around the stump to a depth where the roots are exposed. You have to dig as deep and wide as two inches. Once the roots are exposed, you can cut them with an axe. This will weaken the stump as you keep removing the roots and you will be able to pull it out. This method is most effective for tree stumps with a diameter less than 14 inches. Fill the ground with the soil again after you take off the stump.

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    This is the method most tree cutting companies use. You can employ this method too. You can either hire a company to do the task or rent a grinder yourself. This is the best  known method, the most expensive and works well even for very large diameters.  Wear appropriate protective gear while doing it because the wooden chips will be shooting around everywhere.

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    Bore several holes in the diameter of the stump.Pour potassium nitrate or Sulphuric acid into these holes. Commercial stump killing products are also available. These chemicals accelerate the decomposition process. It is a nature friendly way to remove tree stumps but takes its time of 2-3 months. You have to refill the chemicals on a weekly basis to make the process effective.

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    Mostly people consider burning to be the most obvious solution to remove wood. Let the stump get dry over a week. Drill holes into it. Pour  kerosene or fuel oil into these holes. Let the fuel penetrate the stump over a few days. Drop a match into the holes and let the stump smolder to ashes. Do take precautionary steps to prevent the fire from spreading around like a chicken wire to keep away pets and animals from it.

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