How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

“Some ones trash some one’s treasure” this is a buzz statement in this era of recycling. Along with environmental benefits of recycling, it has taken the creativity of human mind from sheer creation of ideas to the transformation of one form into an entirely new form.

Then why not we start our treasure hunt in own trash to safeguard our plants in winter and bring a new life to the seedlings. Thus Recycling+creativity+winter+plants spark something in your mind? Yes thanks to PVC industry, we can build our own mini green house with a little effort and almost no expense. But all it depends how you think and make your own green house according to your requirements, here I will just simply throw some ideas and you are free to use your equation and create your own design. Our step by step guide below helps you make your own mini green house.


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    Soda bottle/water gallon:

    Every household consumes soda and water so also have those plastic bottles which are usually disposed of, but from now you can use them to make a green house. Method of conversion is same for the bottle and gallon, the only difference is of their thickness. So let’s start with a gallon;

    - Take a gallon and cut its bottom part from almost 2-3 inches from bottom.

    - Use this bottom portion as the seeding pot and fill it with soil and compost,    plant the seeds and water it.

    - Take the upper portion of the gallon and remove the top cover. On its bottom  sides cut one inch length slits starting from its bottom to upside (so that it  perfectly fix the soil portion).

    - Now fix the both parts of gallon and place them at some sunny area.

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    Plastic containers are very common in every kitten or they come in the form of packaging of many grocery items you buy daily. And they are almost available in every size. What you have to do is take any container of any size and use it as your green house.

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    Bird or Rodent cage:

    If you have cage of any size at your home you can cover it into a green house by simply wrapping it with a plastic sheet or a shady cloth and place your plants in it.

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