How to Fertilize Flowers Organically

A soil rich in the minerals is one of the basic conditions of flower growth. A fertilizer aims at replenishing the soil’s mineral content by supplying it with elements like Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium. There are different kinds of such fertilizers available in the market. Some are cheap while some are really expensive, and on other hand, they use chemicals that can ruin the soil in long run, so organic fertilizer is the only alternative.

An organic fertilizer is made from living things like leaves, fish emulsion and manure and from non living things like rock phosphate.  It makes the soil fertile and provides it with the required minerals without burning down the plant or harming insects and wildlife. Our step by step guide tells you common ways of fertilizing your flowers the organic way.


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    Add compost to the soil first. A  compost is a decomposition of organic waste. You can make it at home by putting organic waste in bin and letting it to decompose or buy it from a nursery. It supplies the salt with nutrients and balances the PH for plant growth. It improves soil structure and attract micro organisms and insects like earth worms which are good for the soil. However it does not stand up to a fertilizer.

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    Make the fertilizer mix:

    Organic fertilizers are also available in the market. They mostly come in liquid and granular form. You can either make a blend of them yourself by mixing different fertilizers or select a blend already made for the type of flower that you are growing. If you want to make the blend yourself, take 2 parts blood meal ( gives nitrogen), 3 parts bone meal (phosphate) and 1 part kelp meal (potash).

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    Apply it:

    Spread the mix across your soil patch and us e a rack to mix it well into the ground. Water the soil and let it dry. When it dries up, plant the flowers. You might need to re apply the fertilizer according to the needs of your flowers. Cover the soil around the plants with leaves and grass clippings to keep moisture inside the ground.

    You can also spray the fertilizer. Make an emulsion in a plant spray bottle and spray it directly unto the plants. However this method is not very effective.

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    Make your own liquid fertilizer:

    You can also make liquid fertilizer out of cow manure. Collect dried cow manure and soak it in a bin. Keep stirring occasionally for three weeks till the manure has broken down. You can now use it for your flowers after diluting it with water.

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