How to Blend Your Interior Design

Blending your interior design can be quite a challenging experience, especially if both styles are different. Everybody has their own unique sense of style when it comes to interior design of their home or apartment. Most of us think that the taste of our particular interior design is the best and are usually adamant about changing or modifying it. If you or your partner is having a difficult time blending your interior design in a shared space then there are a few guidelines that you can easily follow to get the job done right.


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    Colour Coordinate:

    Even though you and your partner might have totally different styles when it comes to interior design, you can begin by coordinating the base colours. If the colours are extreme then try to find neutral colours to start off with. Remember that there are a multitude of colours and you can usually agree to a particular range of colours.

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    Follow design basics:

    If you follow design basics then no matter what different styles that exist can easily be blended. However, if you or your partner has not followed the basics then the interior design can become mixed up and not look very nice. Try to backtrack and return to the basic interior design techniques to help you blend better.

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    Work together:

    Try to work together with your partner to help you better blend your interior design. Be sure to listen and compromise with your ideas and concepts.

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    Avoid themes:

    When trying to blend your interior design it is best to avoid themes all together. Your theme might not suit your partner’s concept of a theme and the entire foundation of your interior design will become a mess. If using a theme is unavoidable then try to work together and find some common ground on a shared theme.

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    Sometimes we have to learn to sacrifice in our lives and when it comes to blending your interior design with someone else the same rings true. Both will have to sacrifice different items that the other might not like or feel is appropriate in their interior design.

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    Add variety:

    Try to add variety in your interior design. The more variety that you have will make it easier for you to blend the different interior design styles. While buying different items for your interior design, try to listen to your partner’s ideas. Find items that suit both your styles to avoid any confrontation.

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    Bring in a professional:

    You can always hire a professional interior designer to help you blend both styles and concepts. However, this might be a little costly as a designer will charge you a decent amount of money.

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