How to Plant Broad Beans Seeds

Broad beans are a rich source of protein, vitamins A, B and C. Fibre is also present in these beans in reasonable amount and hence, they are considered to be very good diet for your health. Broad beans are more commonly known as fava beans and are easily available in most grocery stores. However, you cannot compare the taste and nutrition value of freshly picked broad beans from your garden to those available in the market. You can easily plant fava beans in your backyard garden and enjoy the supply of vitamin-rich food at home.


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    You can find different types of broad beans for planting in different seasons and you have to choose according to your need. You won’t require large area for planting beans, as they are bush-like and don’t need too much space for growth. However, choosing the suitable type of fava beans is a vital step and you need to be careful about it.

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    Next comes the choice of the right spot for planting. Remember that broad beans require ample sunlight for healthy growth and you have to provide them such a spot in the garden which is completely exposed to sun.

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    Fertile soil will ensure healthy growth of beans. You can make your garden soil fertile by digging over it and adding well-rotted manure. Keep it natural and don’t use chemical fertilisers on your soil, use compost instead.

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    Make sure the area of the garden you have chosen is sheltered from wind, as blowing wind can easily destroy the bean bushes.

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    Once the soil is prepared, it is time for you to directly sow the beans seeds into it. Make sure to sow the seeds at least 2 inches under the ground. Keep a distance of 8 inches between each seed sown in one row and keep the same distance between the two rows of seeds.

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    To protect your broad beans from blowing wind, you can place two stakes on each side of the bush and pass a zigzag piece of string through them. This will provide ample support to the plant to growth.

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    Keep the soil moist with water and wait until the plants bear fruit.

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    When the broad beans are fully ripened, you can pick them up gently from the bottom with your hands.

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    Once all the beans finish from the plants, you have to cut them down and dig the roots into the soil. Returning the broad beans plats to the soil in this way will renew the nitrogen level and fertility of the soil.

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