How to Grow Cilantro at Home

Cilantro, also referred as coriander, dhania or Chinese parsley, is a highly aromatic herb with expanded soft frilly green leaves and a zesty flavour. You might be aware of its numerous uses, including garnishing various dishes. Grow Cilantro at home in order to take advantage of its freshness and natural aroma to add amazing essence to your cooking. Cilantro doesn’t require any special care or attention to grow, so even the beginner gardeners can cultivate it easily. It is an amazingly simple activity that you would love to carry out with your children.


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    Select Cilantro Seeds

    First of all select right seeds of Cilantro. There are many types of cilantro, select the seeds of the one that you like.

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    Select the Plot or Pot

    Once you select the seeds, finalize the bed or plot of your lawn, backyard or front yard for sowing the cilantro seeds. Make sure that the select area receives proper (moderate) sunlight – neither too high nor too low. On the other hand, you can use a large garden pot for this purpose.

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    Prepare the Soil

    In case of bed or plot of your house, dig it to medium depth and mix in some rich potting soil, fertilizer already added to it. Mix both types of soils and smooth the level of the land with a rakes.

    For garden pots, simply add in rich potting soil until fill.

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    Add Some Water

    Fill a watering can with water and sprinkle it over the prepared soil until moisten well. Leave if for five minutes or until the water penetrates into the soil.

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    Sow the Cilantro seeds

    Scientifically, it is better to sow the Cilantro seeds at least ¼ to 1 cm deep into the soil, keeping a suitable distance in between the seeds.

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    Cover the Seeds

    Once you place the seeds in the soil at an appropriate depth and distance, cover the seeds with some more soil.

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    Water the Seeds

    Water the cilantro seeds once the soil is partially dry. However, make sure that the soil is not soggy all the time.

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    Wait for Seedlings

    It will take the cilantro seeds’ ten to fourteen days to germinate.

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    Thin out the Seedlings

    Once the cilantro seedlings reach a height of 2 to 3 inches, you can thin out the additional seedlings (if you like), keeping about 5cm distance in between. Moreover, it is your golden chance to do away with the seedlings that are weak and infested with insects. In this way, the remaining ones will get proper light and water to grow well. Continue watering and taking care of your cilantro seedlings until they grow into healthy plants.

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    Cut off Flower Heads

    Use a clean sharp knife or scissor to trim the leaves and stems of the cilantro to use in making various dishes. Your cilantros can go to seed quickly, so try to trim off their flower heads time to time so that the plants’ energy can go into producing greens.

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    Store the Cilantro Seeds

    If the cilantro flowers have died back on the plants, simply cut off the heads, dry them under limited sunlight and grind to use during off season. In addition to that, store the cilantro seeds to germinate next time.

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