How to Plant a Pear Tree

Pear trees are extremely easy to plant. You don’t really need a specific type of soil, but just a little fertile land in order to plant them. Pears contain fibre and Vitamins A, B and C. This delicious fruit also contains potassium and folic acid. Once the pear tree has taken shape and is bearing fruit, you can simply bottle pears so that you can eat them throughout the year. Learn how to plant a pear tree with a little hard work and some perseverance.

Things Required:

– Knife
– Shovel
– Water


  • 1

    First, you need to purchase the pear tree from a nursery. These trees are also available online, but it is better if you purchase them by visiting the nursery yourself so you know which one is better. Try to purchase a pear tree during the months of spring. This will help you avoid the frost that will occur during winter.

  • 2

    Select an area where there is a lot of sunshine. Pear trees need plenty of sunshine to grow and in case you have chosen your backyard to plant this tree, you should make sure that it will get at least 6 hours of sun daily.

  • 3

    The tree you have purchased must be inside a bucket. Measure the bucket so you know about the size of hole you need to dig in order to plant the tree. In case the bucket is 22 x 14 inches, you should dig a hole which is 22 x 28 inches, making the width twice the size of the bucket you have. This width is going to help you add fertilizer and water as soon as you plant the tree.

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    The dirt should be placed right next to the hole so that it can be used later to plant the tree.

  • 5

    Now you need to remove the tree from its shipping bucket. The procedure is simple: you just have to add pressure on the bucket and it will loosen the sides causing the tree to slip out. In case the tree is stuck, you can always use a utility knife to cut the bucket from the sides.

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    Once the tree is free from the bucket, you can plant it inside the hole you just made. Simply place the roots inside and water them. You can also add fertilizer right at the bottom of the hole. Moreover, the dirt which will fill up the hole should also contain some of the fertilizer you have.

  • 7

    Now add dirt and level the tree so that it can stand up straight and simply sprinkle water around the tree for ten minutes.

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