Treating Weeds in Your Garden Naturally

There are a plethora of weed treatments available in local hardware stores, however these chemical laden products are far from the healthiest alternative available. Such products do kill weeds, however they can be costly and detrimental to overall lawn health and the environment. Although this isn’t the case for all weed treatments, the group isn’t exactly lonely.

This article details a simple and effective means of treating weeds in your garden with a natural, cost-effective and healthy household product. What product you ask? Good old distilled white vinegar!

Things Required:

– distilled white vinegar
– spray bottle (available at your local grocery store or dollar store)
– gardening gloves
– your favourite weeding tool (available at your local hardware store)


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    Locked and Loaded

    The first part of the process is creating your spraying solution. Fill the spray bottle with the distilled white vinegar. Now, wait....that's all you need.

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    This solution is extremely effective, however it required sunshine in order to work it's magic.

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    Spray and Wait

    Using your complex serum, spray the weed. Be sure to spray the entire area of the weed, from the leaves to the area surrounding the roots.

    Simply wait until the plant begins to shrivel up. The longer you wait, the more pronounced the effect. Once the plant is a sad pathetic shell of its former self, you're ready for the next step.

    Note: Do not spray any of your healthy or cherished plants. This solution will have the same effect. It will not discriminate, so you should.

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    Put your garden gloves on and grab your weeding tool. Use the tool to dig into the root area of the weed and remove it from the ground. Throw that weed out and bid it goodbye. It's roots are killed and it won't be back (if you followed everything outlined above).

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