How to Grow an Almond Tree

Just like a peach, apricot and plum, an almond tree belongs to the prunus family. Because of the stone sized hard pits present on the fruit of these trees, they are also known as ‘stone’ fruits. An important fact is that an almond is quite identical to a peach. If you are planning to grow an almond tree, rest assured that the task can be fairly simple if approached in the correct manner.

Things Required:

– Almond nuts
– Fertiliser
– Insecticide
– Stakes / Ties


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    Almonds grow best when another variety blooms at the same time. This provides cross-fertilisation to help promote growth of non self-fertile almond trees. For this reason, you should plant at least 2 almond trees next to each other or even in the same hole. Even though the branches of these trees will only be intertwined, cross pollination can occur.

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    In order to successfully grow an almond tree, you will have to plant the nuts before they turn from green to brown and then start splitting. The best way to accomplish this is to act quickly and thus beat the local wildlife.

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    Be sure to plant the tree in an area that receives direct sunlight. Furthermore, as is the case with most fruit trees, an almond tree will need to be watered excessively. One of the most important prerequisite towards producing a good almond crop is to give the almond tree a deep and even watering. However, be sure to let the soil dry between consecutive watering sessions.

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    The hole you dig for planting an almond tree should be wider rather than deeper. However, the hole should be deep enough to accommodate the roots of the tree easily. Be sure to water the soil at the bottom of the hole if it is dry. For planting an almond tree in a windy area, add stakes and ties for added support.

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    Although insects do not pose too much of a problem for almond trees, it will be wise to keep an eye out for spider-mites or leaf rollers and use appropriate insecticide if required. From time to time, prune the almond tree you plant for shape as well as cut out crossing branches.

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    As is the case with most trees that produce fruits, you can use an almond tree for decoration of your landscape. Almond trees smothered with flowers look especially attractive.

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