How to Care for a Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree, found in subtropical regions, is one the nature’s most well-liked small tree types that are human’s friend.  Its berries are not juicy and refreshing, but taste flavorful with a great mix of syrupiness and bitterness. The berries can be black, red or purple in color are have been used for their medicinal and nutritional benefits. Moreover, mulberry’s berries are used in the preparation of jams, jellies, juices, wines and pies etc. you can enjoy the berries yourself or can use them as a source of income, selling them in the market or exporting. The structure of Mulberry Tree is naturally simple and therefore provides you with an opportunity to climb it easily in order to bring down the berries. The male Mulberry plant does not produce berries, but it can use to keep the nature green and to take advantage of fresh air under its shade. Moreover, you can use it in the construction purposes as well.

If you really want to enjoy the natural benefits of the Mulberry Plant, you really have to take care of it.  Your proper attention, care and right knowledge can keep your Mulberry plant green and healthy for longer period of time.


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    Select right area

    Selection of an area plays vital role in the growth of the Mulberry plant. Like other plants, it also needs proper soil, sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Select an area that contains well-drained soil and receives proper sunlight.

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    Water during first year

    After planting the tree, you really have to concentrate on your Mulberry plant during the first year as it is very crucial in its growth and sustenance. Single but very deep watering once per week is enough during the initial year. However, make sure that soil damp, but not squelchy at all.

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    Watering after first year

    If the Mulberry plant survive the first year and stabilize its roots into the soil, change the watering procedure for it. Water it only during extensive dry periods. The dry soil around the plant is a hint for you that your mulberry plant wants to drink water.

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    Fertilization is important for the growth and health of your plant. Fertilize your Mulberry plant during spring season, with the help of a standardized 10-10-10 analysis tree fertilizer.  Otherwise visit your nearest plant nursery and talk to the garner for his or her skilful tips. Make sure to thoroughly study the manufacturer’s instructions given on the packaging to get a proper idea of the ratio of fertilizer.

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    Prune the tree

    Prune your mulberry tree properly in order to keep it in proper shape and health. Trim off the unwanted and extra branches so the other parts of the plant receive proper water and food. Winter season is the perfect time to prune your Mulberry tree as it is the time when the plant sheds off its leave and provides you with an opportunity to identify the unwanted branches. Check out the simple method to Prune Trees and Shrubs.

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