How to Plant Wine Barrel Herb Gardens

If you live near a winery, or happen to visit one, you will most likely come across half barrels that were once used to store wine but are now empty and not in use. These barrels can make a great addition to your garden, as serve as excellent vessels for planting mini herb gardens, which can be placed pretty much anywhere you like.

Things Required:

– Half wine barrels
– Electric drill
– Potting soil
– Herb plants
– Fertiliser
– Trowel


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    To begin, turn the half wine barrels upside down, and use an electric drill to drill a few holes into the bottom – these will serve to drain out excess water, so that it does not accumulate at the bottom of the barrel, become stagnant, and eventually contaminate and kill the herb garden you plant.

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    Then, turn the barrel right side up again, and move it to your desired location. Keep in mind that once it is filled with soil, it will become very heavy, and be impossible to move about. Put it in an area which gets lots of good sunlight, and is not cramped or dark. Placing it right outside your kitchen window can be a good idea, as this will allow you easy access to fresh herbs.

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    Next, proceed to fill the barrels with potting soil, and add some all-purpose fertiliser or some peat moss to the mix, to enrich the soil. Once this is done, you can plant your herbs in the soil. Arrange it so the taller, wider herbs are planted in the middle (these might be herbs like cilantro, dill, and parsley), while the smaller, shorter herbs (like tarragon, thyme, and oregano) are in the front, around the edges and near the rim. However, make sure the barrel isn’t crowded, and that all the herbs are spaced out properly, so they all have plenty of room.

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    Once the herbs have been planted, your wine barrel herb garden is ready. Water it regularly, and take care of it, to make sure your herbs stay healthy and continue to grow. When the plants grow larger, you can harvest them at will.

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