Beautiful Yellow Daffodils for the Garden

Yellow daffodils are fairly common, but there are many unusual and unique kinds of yellow daffodils that are anything but ordinary. Those who want a yellow flower garden and are looking for unique yellow daffodils have many fantastic choices available to them. These unique yellow daffodils will turn your flower garden into a spectacular showcase of beautiful yellow gems that will capture the attention of all who see them. The following unique yellow daffodils will make your flower garden an amazing sight to behold.

Las Vegas Daffodil

When you plant sunny yellow Las Vegas daffodils in your flower garden it will look as if you’ve hit the jackpot. Las Vegas daffodils are stunningly beautiful. This glorious daffodil boasts snow white petals and a cup that is a unique and beautiful shade of lemon yellow. The yellow cup is slightly ruffled around the edges and very eye-catching.

The Las Vegas daffodil is one of the largest daffodil varieties available, and it reaches a maximum width of five inches and a maximum height of about eighteen inches. Beautiful yellow and white blooms will appear early to middle spring. Consider this unique yellow and white daffodil if you want a yellow daffodil that will definitely steal the show. Las Vegas daffodils are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight.

Rip Van Winkle Daffodil

This unique bright yellow daffodil hardly resembles a daffodil, and it is one of the oldest varieties of daffodil available. It is said that the Rip Van Winkle daffodil was developed in the late 1800’s. The bloom of this glorious yellow daffodil looks like a frilly yellow pompon, and they are definitely a great choice for anyone wanting a bright yellow flower garden.

Rip Van Winkle daffodils are smaller than standard daffodils. These unique dainty yellow daffodils have blooms that reach a maximum width of 2 inches, and they reach a maximum height of about six inches. This beautiful yellow daffodil spreads every season, and it blooms in early spring. Consider Rip Van Winkle daffodils in zones three through eight.

La Argentina Daffodil

La Argentina daffodil is a stunning example of a yellow and white daffodil. This beautiful daffodil boasts lily white petals with a very frilly yellow and white petaled center. La Argentina daffodil doesn’t have the typical cup of an ordinary daffodil. The unique center looks like an array of yellow and white petals that form a pinwheel of sorts. It’s definitely not your ordinary yellow and white daffodil.

Plant la Argentina daffodils in hardiness zones three through eight for best results. This fantastic unique yellow daffodil reaches a maximum height of approximately eighteen inches, and its beautiful yellow and white flowers will blossom in mid-spring.

Tahiti Daffodil

The Tahiti daffodil sounds like a flower that’s ready for an island party, and the colors are synonymous with the name. This unique bright yellow and orangish-red double flower looks amazing in any flower garden. The outer petals are sunny yellow, and the perianths are dramatized by unique orangish-red centers. Choose this primarily yellow daffodil if you want to draw attention to your spring garden.

Tahiti daffodils reach a maximum height of about twenty inches, and they are hardy and resistant to disease. For best results, plant Tahiti daffodils in a zone three through eight garden.

Avalon Daffodil

Avalon is a beautiful name for a beautiful yellow daffodil. The Avalon daffodil is very unique in every sense of the word. The petals are a lovely shade of creamy yellow with white around the cup. The cup gradually goes from pale yellow to lily white at full maturity. This yellow daffodil is a great choice if you want a flower that’s truly unique.

Avalon daffodils are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight, and they reach a maximum height of approximately fifteen inches. Their unique yellow and white blooms appear in the middle of spring, and they are sure to bring second glances from passers by.

Sidley Daffodil

The snow-white petals of the sidley daffodil are delicate in appearance and quite exquisite. These beautiful white petals are the background for a dainty yellow cup. The center of the yellow cup is a beautiful shade of green, and this lovely green center makes this yellow and white daffodil such a unique flower. The details of this unique yellow and white daffodil are amazing, and they bloom for about two weeks.

Consider planting sidley daffodil bulbs in zones three through eight. These dazzling yellow and white daffodils will reach a maximum height of about eighteen inches. They’ll provide beautiful yellow blooms in the earliest days of spring. Consider this flower if you’re looking for a yellow daffodil that will add appeal and unique beauty to your garden.

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