How to Clean Your Indoor Houseplants

Indoor plants come with a lot of plants. They please our aesthetic sense and clean the air for us, thus having tremendous positive effects on our health. However, you do need to take care of them and clean them regularly to keep them healthy so that they can function properly. We need to do it regularly because the dust on the leaves stops photosynthesis by blocking light and gaseous exchange. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their food. So if you do not take care of the leaves, the plant will eventually die. Our step by step guide has some cleaning techniques for your indoor plants.


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    The most effective method to get a plant rid of all the dust and grime is to water spray all over it using the hose pipe. Take them to the kitchen sink or the bathroom and spray them all over. However use lukewarm water. Hot or cold water both will damage the plant. Also the plant will be much heavier while bringing it back from the bathroom because of the additional water in the pot. A bath is the best way to refresh your plants just like it rejuvenates us.

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    Wipe Individual Leaves:

    If your plant is large and you do not want to remove it, clean the leaves individually. Sit next to the plant with a chair and damp cloth (preferably a sponge) and start cleaning individual leaves one by one. However, this is a time consuming process.

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    Brush off:

    There are plants which have sticky leaves. They do not like being cleaned with water like the African Violet. The best strategy with them is to brush off the dust using an old tooth brush or a cleaning cloth.

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    Groom regularly:

    Get rid of brown , yellow and dead leaves on the plant. This will tidy it up and help maintain the shape. Some leaves will give away themselves, for others you will have to use a scissor. However do not pull out fresh green leaves.

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    Keep the pot clean:

    If you notice a white layer of salt and minerals forming on the rim or outside surface of your pot, it is the start of a problem. Remove the plant with the soil and clean the pot. Cleaning will include washing it with a solution that is 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Brush off the mineral and salt residues and rinse well before replanting the plant in it.

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