How to Care for Fresh Cut Tulips

Tulips announce the arrival of spring and a warmer season. They look beautiful in the garden and at the flower shop. Many of us want to use them at our homes to brighten up the ambiance and as part of the decor. However, to our dismay the flower starts to wilt and no longer remains attractive in a matter of days. Most of you will be surprised to know that you can keep Tulips fresh for up to ten days by doing very little effort. Our step by step guide lets out the secrets of taking care of freshly cut tulips and extending their lives.


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    Keep the stems of your tulip in water all the time, right from the flower shop. Take a bucket with you to the flower shop or even shopping bag tied to the stems will also do. If you are cutting them yourself, cut the stems in a diagonal way which maximizes water intake. Keep a water bucket near you to transfer the flowers immediately before you find a suitable vase.

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    Keep the flowers in the bucket while you arrange a vase. Fill the vase with water and add a flower preservative available with most florists. This will help keeping the flowers fresh for a long time. Transfer the tulips to the vase. Use a sharp knife to cut the stems half inch but do it under water to start water intake. Keep cutting the stem like this after every twelve hours for two days to keep continued water intake. Remember to always cut at an angle so that the surface area for water absorption increases and do it under water so that there are no chances of air getting in and blocking the water passage.

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    Tulips need a lot of water. Keep topping up the water regularly, filling it after every two days. Keep the vase in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keep the flowers away from any drafts which can dry them up. This way you are going to give to a fresh look to your room for a long time with these beautiful flowers.

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