Shade-Loving Plants: Finding Plants and Flowers that Grow in Dark Corners

Shade loving plants are essential for every garden. We all have at least one or two dark corners of our yard we would like to brighten with flowers. Shade flowers do come in different types. Some shade flowers can withstand partial sun while others do not like any sun. Be sure to check the tags that comes with the flowers you purchase to make sure you are buying the right type of shade flower.

One thing that many gardeners like about the shade flower is the fact that it usually has larger foliage than sun loving plants. The larger leaves helps the plant get the maximum benefit out of the light it does receive which in turns helps with its photosynthesis process (food manufacturing). If you decide to decorate an area using just foliage plants try alternating between types, colors and forms of different plants.

The best shady area you can find is usually under a tree or beneath a wall. The plants you place in places like this should also be able to handle dry shade. Ivies is a good plant choice to choose for location like these.

Listed below is a brief summary of some of the many different choices of shade loving plants you can find.


This is considered a tender plant. It is also considered an evergreen. These plants with stand humid conditions and like partial shade. You can also place them in hanging basket.

Lady’s Mantle

This is a perennial that has rounded leaves with serrated edge in a bluish green color. The lime green flowers will appear in sprays in midsummer and grows about 18 inches tall. It is also considered to be a hardy flower. This flower usually self seeds itself.


This flower is also called a plantain lily. It flowers in early summer. It has robust pale green leaves and grows in clumps. This is a perennial. All hostas are prone to attacks of snails and slugs. (hint; put a little beer in a small container place under hosta, snails will go to the beer and die, when beer evaporates replace).


Tender plants. Annual. Impatiens usually grow to be about 12 inches in height. Can also be grown in hanging baskets. They come in many different bright colors such as red, white, and pink. Should be watered frequently.


These are also hardy flowers. They flower in early summer. They come in both double and single flowered forms. Some peonies are also scented. After flowering they should be deadheaded (removing the dead flowers)

Violo Riviniana

This plant is also known as the sweet violet. It is a hardy plant that grows about 5 inches in height. It has purplish bronze leaves and small mauve violet flowers in the spring. Plant these in the fall or spring and deadhead when the flowers fade.

Trollius europaeus

This plant is also known as the globe flower. It grows to be about 2 feet in height and is considered to be hardy. It has bright yellow or orange tightly petalled flowers that comes out in early summer. It does well in moist soil and partial shade. If you cut the flowers back after their first bloom you may get a second bloom out of them.

As you can see there are a lot of choices in shade flowers. How do you choose? Decide what will look best in your yard? Keep size and color in mind before you go shopping. The garden stores has so many choice it can be overwhelming. But if you study your yard and think ahead before you shop, you can make a better decision that will fit your yard and its need.

Happy gardening.

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