How to Grow Chili Peppers Indoors

Chilli peppers bring the twist and spice to our foods. Imagine the luxury of plucking your own peppers from a pot and using it in the kitchen. This sure gives you an edge over those who depend on the local grocery store. It also lets you decide your own variety of chilli and have the pleasure of growing them yourself. Watching the seeds develop into pepper bearing plant is a sure feast for the eyes of a nature lover and gives you internal satisfaction. It can also turn into a form of hobby and a productive pastime to spend your energies on. Our step by step guide helps you in growing Chili pepper indoors with the details.


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    Seed varieties:

    Choose a variety that grows well indoors. This will include a detailed discussion with the local nursery men. Some of the well known varieties that are good for planting indoors are chiltepins, habaneros, piqu'ns and Thai peppers.

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    The pot and soil:

    Choose a plastic pot, deep enough for the roots to grow. Do not go for clay pots because they tend to absorb water from the soil and dehydrate it which is bad for the chili which demand a lot of moisture. Make a small drainage hole in the base of the pot for excess water. Wash the pot with hot water to kill any bacteria and germs.

    Buy a pot mix from the local gardening store. You can also use your own soil if you are sure of its fertility. Fill the pot and leave a space of 1 inch between top soil level and rim of the pot.

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    Sowing and caring:

    Sow the seeds with a distance of 2 inches between each. Spread a thin layer of compost over the soil. Keep the soil moist by watering regularly. Keep the pot near a window where it can get sunlight and air circulation. However, keep away from any draft. Give them a dose of vegetable fertilizer on a monthly basis to boost growth. Look out for pests and thin out if you feel the chili pot has gone over crowded. The chili will be available for harvest in about 90 days.

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