How to Care for a Begonia plant

Begonias plants are known for their colourful foliage. Over the years, these plants have become favourite of gardeners who want to add that much needed grace to their lawns. Today, there are more than ten thousand hybrid varieties and more than a thousand original begonia varieties out there. Regardless of which specie it is, most begonia plants require the same type of care. This plant is easy to maintain and care for.


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    Sunlight is important for begonias. You should keep them facing the east or the south for proper sunlight. However, once your begonia plant has blossomed, do not allow it to receive direct sunlight. You should use a net or a transparent curtain for the plant to receive sunlight. Direct sunlight during its days of blossom can damage the foliage.

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    Begonias grow best in stable temperatures. These plants can die if the temperature fluctuates too often. Make sure you are providing them with stable temperature. Also, temperature should be more than 60 Fahrenheit at all times.

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    Begonias will not worry you much with their watering needs. You have to water them once a week. If you live in a colder region where temperature remains moderate throughout the year, you need to water them once in every two weeks. You should monitor the moisture in the potting mix to know when the plant needs water. When the mix is dry, your plant requires water.

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    These plants should be kept in small pots since they have small root systems. Also, begonias do not need repotting every now and then. You should only change the pot once a year during spring. You will have to pull the root ball and see if the roots have embraced it well. Remember, if they have not, you should not be changing the pot. If they have, then it is time to give a larger pot to your begonias.

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    During spring, you should move begonias that are flowering out in the garden. However, make sure you are creating the right weather conditions for them. If you live in a rainy region, try to keep them covered and safe from rainfall.

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