How to Avoid Litter Box Problems

It’s best for each individual cat in your household to have a separate liter box in a different location. This will avoid when one of the cats needs to do its business, and not having a place to go.

Cats like their liter box extremely clean. This will require you to clean it everyday. Changing the liter depends on the type you use, but it’s generally around twice a week. Never use strong cleaning solutions to clean your liter box; this might cause your cat to refuse to use it.

The most popular type of kitty litter is fine grained variety. These liters have a softer touch to your cat. Different cats prefer different liters, so you might have to mix and match for awhile. Some cats refuse to use scented liters, so remain aware of this.
The most popular type of liter box is the covered variety. They have both advantages and disadvantages. While they provide the cat greater privacy, sometimes the cat might not have a lot of room inside to move around.
I recommended you look for a liter box with a liner. It makes cleaning up a lot easier, and generally cats don’t seem to mind them.
The usual depth of kitty litter is around less than two inches. More than two inches and your cat might refuse to use it. You should fit the amount of kitty liter to fit your cat’s taste.

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