How to Reseed a Lawn

The correct time of year to reseed your lawn is really a matter of opinion. Many people feel that you should do this in the fall and in that way prepare for a better yard for the following spring. Others feel that early spring is the preferred time to reseed your lawn so that you have a fuller healthier lawn coming up that summer. Either way, there are some basic principles to follow when you reseed your lawn.

When looking at the parts of your lawn that you want to reseed you must decide where are they in relation to how much sun they will get? What kind of grass is in your lawn already? That’s important since you should use the closet type of seed when you reseed so you don’t have two different grasses growing. It would make your yard look quite odd.

To begin with you need to prepare your lawn. That means rake it through to take out any dead grass, leaves, rubbish or pebbles. If the bare spots have been made by dog urine flush the area thoroughly with water. You’ll want to loosen the ground as you rake to allow it to take the seed easier. You can add a little fertilizer if you want, but it isn’t necessary if you buy quality seed. When all this is done you are ready to reseed your lawn.

If it is only a small area that you need to reseed then you can simply throw the seed by hand. Be cautious that as you reseed the lawn you are not throwing the seeds on top of each other. You want them to be evenly distributed. If on the other hand you need to reseed the whole lawn you will do a better job if you rent a spreader. These machines are made to reseed, and will spread the seeds better over a large area.

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