Beautiful Fragrant Bulb Flowers

If you love fragrant flowers, consider planting fragrant bulb flowers in your yard or garden. Bulb flowers are some of the most fragrant flowers available, and there are many varieties of bulb flowers that are highly fragrant. Who needs air fresheners? Those who plant fragrant bulb flowers near windows can enjoy the sweet smell of fragrant flowers throughout their home.

Original Poet’s Daffodil

Not all daffodils are fragrant, but this daffodil is extremely fragrant. The petals of this fragrant daffodil are snow white. It has a dainty yellow cup edged in deep orange. The very center of this fragrant daffodil is a beautiful shade of green. This is a very unique daffodil that is beautiful beyond compare.

Consider planting original poet’s daffodil in hardiness zones three through eight. This fragrant daffodil reaches a maximum height of approximately fifteen inches, and it’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking for fragrant bulb flowers. Original poet’s daffodils bloom in late spring.

White Lion Daffodil

White lion daffodils appear to have a fluffy mane in their fragrant centers. These bulb flowers are extremely unique, and they are exquisitely beautiful. The petals are pure white, and the cup has layers of fragrant bright yellow and white ruffles and frills. Consider planting this fragrant daffodil in your bulb flower garden if you want a flower as eye-catching as it is fragrant.

White lion daffodils grow best in hardiness zones three through eight. These fragrant bulb flowers reach a maximum height of about twenty inches. You can expect to notice their beautiful fragrant blooms in mid-spring.

Red Rocket Hyacinth

It’s common knowledge amongst bulb flower afficionados that hyacinths are highly fragrant. This fragrant red hyacinth is not only fragrant, but it’s exceptionally eye-catching and beautiful too. Red rocket hyacinths are bright red, and they are loaded with clusters of little red flowers that are extremely fragrant. These stop-me-red fragrant flowers are a must-have for those wanting fragrant bulb flowers in their yard or garden.

These fragrant bulb flowers reach a maximum height of about ten inches, and they bloom in early to mid-spring. Consider this flaming red fragrant beauty in hardiness zones four through eight. Even your neighbors will enjoy the fragrant blooms of these beautiful red bulb flowers.

Mountain Bells

If you want a highly fragrant bulb flower that multiplies year after year, this fragrant bulb flower is for you. Mountain bells are beautiful little flowers that come in fragrant shades of white, yellow, and lavender-pink. They are hardy bulb flowers that wildlife won’t bother, and they produce numerous fragrant blooms that are simply breathtaking.

Consider planting fragrant mountain bell flower bulbs in hardiness zones three through eight. Mountain bells reach a maximum height of about fourteen inches, and they spread rapidly. You can expect to see these fragrant bulb flowers blooming in late spring.

Allium roseum

Allium roseum boasts beautiful little pink flowers that are wonderfully fragrant, and they are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for fragrant bulb flowers for your yard or garden. Besides the beauty these fragrant bulb flowers bring to the outdoors, allium roseum makes a wonderful cut flower. Bring the scent of these beautiful fragrant bulb flowers indoors by bringing in cuttings or planting them near windows.

Allium roseum is best suited for hardiness zones three through eight. These fragrant bulb flowers reach a maximum height of approximately fourteen inches, and they burst into bloom from late spring to early summer. These lovely fragrant bulb flowers are sure to become one of your favorites in your yard or bulb garden.

Spring Starflower

Spring starflower is the definitely the star in a beautiful fragrant bulb flower garden. These terrific little bulb flowers are available in white or blue, and they make a great addition to a fragrant flower bulb garden. This fragrant bulb flower makes a beautiful fragrant border, and it does quite well when planted in containers.

Consider spring starflower for your fragrant flower bulb garden is located in hardiness zones five through nine. Spring starflower reveals its beautiful fragrant blooms in mid-spring, and it reaches a maximum height of about one foot. Choose this fragrant bulb flower if you want rapidly spreading bulb flowers that are delightfully fragrant year after year.

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