Yellow Shrimp Plant

Houseplants have been used as decorating accents in homes for years. Today there are many houseplants to choose from, making the decision of which one is the perfect one even more difficult. The houseplants available today can be grouped into the common houseplants and the exotic houseplants. Exotic houseplants are becoming more popular as people discover how easy they are to manage and how great they look when placed in the perfect location. Yellow Shrimp Plant is one such exotic houseplant.

Yellow Shrimp Plant, also known as Pachystachys lutea, is an evergreen perennial flowering shrub with yellow flower bracts and long white flowers that will bloom all summer long. It also has dark green, ovate leaves that are generally about 6 inches in length. The Yellow Shrimp Plant, which is usually found in outdoor gardens, is easy to grow and enjoy when indoors. It has the same general requirements that other houseplants have, such as soil, water and light. Native to the West Indies, this plant is another among a short list of exotic houseplants to consider when looking for new houseplants.

Caring for this exotic houseplant is not a very hard to do. The elements it requires are simple: light, soil, water and a little food. The Yellow Shrimp Plant does better in bright light. In fact, the more bright light this plant has the more blooms it will have. But, this exotic houseplant can also tolerate less light and a little shade. The soil type that suits this houseplant is plain, neutral soil found at any garden center. When potting this exotic houseplant, make sure it can drain easily. Watering the Yellow Shrimp Plant is also easy, it only requires being water consistently and in colder months, it will require less water. Fertilizing is also easy with this exotic houseplant, it only requires fertilization during its growing season and none during its dormancy season. When these few elements of care are met, this is a very beautiful and fun houseplant to have.

Of course, like most houseplants, the Yellow Shrimp Plant can be set outside after the threat of the last frost has passed. This makes it possible to enjoy this exotic houseplant in a garden or on a patio. While it is outside, during the summer, it will bloom. After the blooming has finished it is time to prune the Yellow Shrimp Plant. Use these cuttings for propagation to begin more new Yellow Shrimp Plants.

The only downfall this exotic houseplant appears to have is that it is prone to scale and/or spider mites. Be sure to watch for these problems and correct them at the beginning to keep your plants happy and healthy.

The Yellow Shrimp Plant, when cared for correctly, can easily be used as a houseplant. So bring this beauty in from the garden outside, or off the patio and continue to enjoy it during the winter months.

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