Choose a Healthy Plant for Your Garden

Choose a Healthy Plant for Your Garden

Now that the weather is becoming warmer, many of you will be heading to the garden center to make your spring planting purchases. To get the most for your dollar it is important that you bring home the healthiest plants. Here are some pointers that will get you the garden you desire.

1. The energy spent on producing flowers takes away from a plant’s root system. Look for plants with buds rather than those with fully developed flowers. These plants will have a stronger root system and will adapt well to the planted environment.

2. Check the plant’s root system before you buy. Roots should not be wrapped around the root ball. Roots should be white. Dark roots may indicate rotting. If soil falls away from the root ball, the plant’s roots are immature-look for another pot.

3. Avoid plants with tall thin stems. A healthy stem is strong and upright. If the plant’s stems are leaning, they will not hold up to the wind in your garden. Yellow stems indicate incorrect watering or possibly a diseased plant. Large spaces between leaf sets on a stem are also to be avoided.

4. Yellow leaves on a plant may indicate disease or improper watering. Leaves should be green and vibrant. Watch out for fungus. White or brown fuzzy spots on leaves or black or brown spots on flowers are good indications that a fungus is present.

Following these simple guidelines will provide you with a good start to the planting season.

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