How to Make Organic Fertilizer at Home

You may need to fertilize your plants in spring to promote optimal growth. While you can always buy a commercial chemical fertilizer from your local nursery; if you want to avoid the harmful chemicals present in a commercial fertilizer, you can make your own organic fertilizer at home. Homemade composts and waste materials are not only cost effective but also health and environment friendly. Like commercial fertilizers, organic fertilizers made at home do not pollute the earth either.

Things Required:

– Banana peels
– Eggshells
– Coffee grinds
– Oak leaves
– Vinegar
– Tea
– Epsom salt


  • 1

    Banana peels, eggshells and coffee grinds

    Chop up the eggshells and old banana peels into small pieces and thoroughly mix with the coffee grinds. Apply this mixture into the soil around the drip line (the imaginary line corresponding to the outermost layer of leaves) of the tree. Dibble it into the soil with the help of a hoe and cover with mulch to prevent the soil from drying out. Also apply a thin layer near the roots to discourage pests and other bugs.

  • 2

    Oak leaves

    Dried, fallen oak leaves also make a good organic fertilizer for your garden. Collect the fallen oak leaves and place them in a container. Fill one third of the container with water and allow it to sit in open air for seven days or until the colour of water changes to dark brown. Pour this mixture over the roots of your plants. It is especially effective for small plants and shrubs.

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    Vinegar has been used as an effective fertilizer for plants for thousands of years. It contains more than fifty minerals essential for optimal growth of plants. Take one nip of vinegar and mix it with two gallons of water before pouring this acidic mixture around your plants. Besides providing your plants with essential nutrients it will also lower the pH of your soil, making it less basic.

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    Place used tea bags around the base of your plants and enjoy optimal blooming. For best results, apply one tea bag per month.

  • 5

    Epsom Salt

    Take one cup Epsom salt and mix it with one cup of ammonia and about half a gallon of water. Water your plants with this mixture using a lawn sprayer.

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