Types of Ornamental Grass to Beautify Your Garden Landscape

Ornamental grass makes a lovely addition to any garden, yard, or landscape. The sound of ornamental grass rustling in the wind is invaluable, and ornamental grass will bring a part of nature to those who appreciate outdoor foliage. There are numerous types of ornamental grass, and most hardiness zones can tolerate ornamental grass. Plant ornamental grass this summer and you’ll enjoy the decorative touch it adds to your yard, garden, or landscape. The following ornamental grass are some of the most popular types. These ornamental types of grass are appreciated for their beautiful colors, shapes, textures, and size.

Zebra Grass

Zebra grass gets its name from the striking green and gold bands that adorn its blades. Zebra grass grows to an approximate height of 7 feet and a width between three and 5 feet in diameter. Zebra grass makes a great addition to any style of garden or landscape, and is very striking when planted alone. During late summer beautiful silverish-white plumes emerge, and they remain for approximately two months. Zebra grass remains hearty and beautiful up until the first hard frost. Consider planting Zebra Grass in a sunny location on your property. It’s no wonder why zebra grass is one of the top ornamental grass choices. Zebra grass is simply beautiful. You might even want to consider growing this grass within a pot for a beautiful tropical theme.

Maiden Grass

Birds love maiden grass, and if you plant maiden grass on your property, you are sure to have many songbirds stop for a visit. Although maiden grass has blades that are solid green in color, it is still very striking and beautiful. This type of ornamental grass is an early bloomer. Silvery-white plumes emerge in early summer and put on a spectacular display. When fall arrives, the beautifully curved foliage becomes an impressive bronze color. This variety of ornamental grass reaches a height of about 6 feet, and it will spread to a diameter of about 5 feet. Consider planting maiden grass if you want early blooms and a colorful fall display. This ornamental grass also grows nicely when potted.

Perennial Fountain Grass

Birds are also attracted to this attractive ornamental grass. Birds eat the abundant seeds provided by this ornamental grass, and they make nests from the sturdy blades of grass. Birds have even been known to nest within the safety of lush perennial fountain grass. Perennial fountain grass is one of the fastest types of ornamental grass, and it reaches a maximum height of approximately 4 feet and a width of about 3 feet. This ornamental grass is ideal in locations where taller or fuller ornamental grass would be inappropriate, and it does very well when potted.

Blue Fescue

This ornamental grass is appropriately named because it is a unique shade of silvery-blue. Early to mid summer brings beautiful spikes of bluish-green blooms. The round tufts of ornamental grass reach a height of about 10 inches, and they look great when planted amongst other colorful flowers or perennials. Blue fescue is also quite striking when planted in a rock garden or as a border. This ornamental grass looks really impressive when planted in a lighthouse theme. It resembles wild grasses found at the ocean shore, and this ornamental grass is a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape theme.

Northern Lights Grass

If you’ve ever seen the northern lights glowing in the northern night sky, you’ll understand why this ornamental grass is named after this magnificent display of nature. Northern lights ornamental grass is one of the most colorful types available. This striking ornamental grass boasts spikes of variegated pink and gold that fades to white during summer months. Plant northern lights ornamental grass in partial shade or full sun. It only reaches a height of approximately a foot, and the width is approximately the same. Northern lights ornamental grass also makes a beautiful potted plant. Consider planting northern lights ornamental grass in a pot that compliments its pretty pink and gold hue. This ornamental grass is definitely a winner, and it will add breathtaking beauty to any garden or landscape.

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