How to Install Sprinklers in Yard

Have you grown tired of having to drag a hose out to water your yard? A possible solution is to install sprinklers in the yard. Even though the task is not very difficult, it does require a fair amount of time to complete.

Things Required:

– Sprinkler system (vary by manufacturer)
– Measuring tape
– Hacksaw
– Shovel
– Spade or trenching tool
– Stakes
– String
– Solvent cement
– Level
– PVC pipe
– Stop-and-waste valve
– Control valves


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    Use stakes and string to lay out lines for the sprinklers. Remove sections of sod and put them aside in order to dig trenches. Depending on the severity of frost experienced in your area during winters, dig 6 to 12 inches deep trenches using the lines you laid earlier as reference. Keep the trenches level to make sure that the water flows easily through the pipes.

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    Set PVC pipes in the trenches you dug and use solvent cement to join one piece of PVC pipe to the other. The ideal internal diameter of PVC pipes for this project is ¬ĺ inches. Attach the tees that came with the sprinkler system for each sprinkler head. The tees should be placed 7 to 10 feet apart. ¬†Assemble a control valve manifold which you will attach to the main water supply line and thus route water into the sprinkler system that you are installing.

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    Secure sprinkler heads on all of the tees that you inserted earlier. Ensure that the heads are at the same level as the trenches. For detailed instructions about sprinkler head installation, you will need to refer to the manufacturer's manual that came with the sprinkler system.

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    Install another tee just past the water meter and then tap into the main water supply line. Bore a hole through the masonry that will be used as a water exit when required. To cope with an emergency situation, install a shutoff valve and a stop-and-waste valve. These will also help you drain water out of the sprinkler system in the winter. Make a connection between the pipe and the manifold.

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    In order to be able to control the valves, properly wire the valve box. Perform a test to make sure that the system is working properly. Finally, fit sod around the heads of all the sprinklers you installed and then refill the trenches.

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