How to Get Rid of Weeds and Crabgrass

If you have a lawn just outside your house, then you must know that it is really important to get rid of weeds and crabgrass, in order properly maintain the lawn. You should always try to maintain a healthy routine of mowing, watering and fertilizing in the lawn, which will keep the weeds away from your favourite grass and plants.

If you find that the weeds and crabgrass is sprouting, which happens in most cases, you can opt for either synthetic measures or home remedies, for the solution. Both methods are equally effective, and you can choose the one which you feel comfortable with.


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    Usually, the crabgrass requires low-lying areas to grow. Therefore, you can avoid creating low-lying areas by mowing your lawn with an average height of around 3 inches.

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    You can also remove weeds and crabgrass using your hands, as soon as you find them popping out their heads out of the ground. If you find any trouble while removing the weeds, you can water the lawn, in order to loosen the soil. It will then become easy for you to remove the weeds from your lawn.

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    If you find too many weeds grown in your lawn, then you can pour vinegar or boiling water onto the affected areas. Here, you should make sure that you do not pour the water on any of your favourite plants present at the edge of the lawns.

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    If you have empty spaces in your lawn, then you should try to re-seed or re-sod it, in order to block the space for the weeds to grow.

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    Notice the types of weeds that grow in your lawn, on regular basis. If you do not know the names of the weeds, you can just take their pictures and present them in front of local county extension office officials. You can then get some help regarding the types of herbicides you can use to get rid of specific types of weeds in your lawn.

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    Purchase the pre-emergent herbicide from the market and apply it, according to the manufacturer’s directions, before the start of the next season.

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    During the grass’ growing process, you may still see some of the weeds and crabgrass coming out of the ground. You can then apply post-emergent herbicide, as per instructions by the manufacturer.

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