How to Attract Humming Birds to Your Garden

Humming birds are fascinating and a joy to watch as they buzz about your garden. On their constant search for nectar, humming birds typically take in 2-3 times their body weight on a daily basis. Their primary source of food is nectar but they also consume insects and some of the smaller spider species for protein.

Large plants are great for a gardener that hopes to attract humming birds. The large leaves of the plant offer the humming birds a place to perch for an ever so brief rest. Humming birds flap their wings an average of 50 times a second. Finding a safe resting place is important and large plants and trees offer a much needed break. While humming birds are traditionally attracted to various shades of red, their are several plants that will attract them as well. Some of the most common plants that are known to attract humming birds are the Butterfly Bush, Lilacs and Cypress Vines. If you would like to attract humming birds to your garden, you should consult with a local garden center to see what plants and trees are best suited for your growing zone.

Another way to attract humming birds to your garden is to install a humming bird feeder. Feeders should be filled with a mixture of water and sugar. The mixture should consist of 4 pars water to 1 part sugar (white granulated table sugar is best). The mixture should be brought to a boil for one to two minutes and left to cool. This mixture can be stored in your refrigerator for up to one week. Artificial colorings such as food coloring should not be used. Pre-packaged humming bird nectar can also be purchased at most any retail store.

It may take a while for the humming birds to find your feeder but once they have found it, you will stay busy refilling it throughout the summer. Once the humming birds start to feed at your feeder, you will be able to enjoy their beauty for months to come.

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