How to Fix a Garden Shredder

Garden shredder isn’t used very frequently in your house and perhaps that’s the reason it gets worn out due to your ignorance. Keeping the shredder outdoors in extreme weather and rain might make it non-workable. However, even if you take good care of this tool, the spindle within it might get worn out due to regular use and you need to fix it. You can repair the spindle of your garden shredder by just replacing the old bearings within it and your grass cutting machine will be as good as a new one.


  • 1

    Start with removing the deck from the shredder and expose the inner side of the machine. This will allow you the access to the spindle.

  • 2

    Carefully remove the shredding blade from the spindle and then take out the pulley as well.

  • 3

    Now you can easily remove the worn out spindle from the shredder’s deck but make sure you have removed the connecting bolts first. You might have to use penetrating oil on the bolts if they are too tight to be removed.

  • 4

    For changing the bearings, you will need to dismantle the entire spindle assembly. Suspend the casing over a vise or any similar object’s jaws for dismantling process.

  • 5

    Put the pulley’s nut into its place and give it a few turns so that it can penetrate a bit into the shaft.

  • 6

    Take a small sledge and deliver a sharp blow to the nut and the shaft will come out of the spindle casing.

  • 7

    Once the shaft is removed from the casing, you can easily see the two bearings being exposed. Use an appropriate screwdriver to open them up.

  • 8

    Take the bearings along with you or just write down the number being stamped on them, to an auto parts shop for purchasing the new ones. You have to buy the new bearings of the exact size otherwise they won’t fit into the shaft and they will be of no use.

  • 9

    Take some petrol and a spare brush to clean up the parts of your shredder thoroughly.

  • 10

    Place one bearing on the lower seat of the shaft and press it slightly. Affix it with the screws you removed earlier. Do the same with the other bearing at the top seat of the shaft.

  • 11

    Put the shaft back in the spindle casing and affix it like it was before.

  • 12

    Install the repaired spindle back into the deck of your garden shredder and tighten up the bolts. That is it! Your shredder is as good as the new one.

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