How to Protect Fig Trees in Winter

We all love the fig fruit when it is in season. There are some lucky home owners who grow their own fig tree and enjoy the luxury of plucking their own fruit. However, this luxury comes with responsibilities and good care of the fig tree. Each winter fig tree owners do their best to protect their plant from the harsh cold and give it a safe transition to the warmer weather when they can enjoy its fruits. If you own a fig tree and are worried about the approaching cold weather, our step by step guide lets you know what other people do to protect their’s during the winter.


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    Wrap it if it's an Outdoor Tree:

    Do it the natural way just like you wrap yourself up when you feel cold. When the fig tree loses its leaves, prune them away and clear the tree of any weak and diseased ones. Put a thick cover of mulch over where the roots are underground.  Now gather the branches and tie them together without harming the bark. You should have a single or two main columns now. Cover these columns with several layers of burlap. Keep the top open for air and moisture.  You can also dig a pole next to the tree and tie the branches to it for extra support.

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    Build a Cage Around Outdoor Tree:

    Build a cage around the tree using chicken wire or any other material you have around. Fill this cage with leaves and straw that will protect it from freezing. Now cover the cage with a plastic shopping bag and insulation wrap.  Put a basket over the top of the wrapped tree if it fits the size.

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    Relocate the Potted Tree:

    Some people have fig trees in large pots. The best thing to do about such pots is to clear them off any leaves and stop watering them a week before you plan to bring them in. Bring them into the basement or garage. Water them infrequently during the dormancy period because over watering can cause them to rot. Take them outside when the temperature rises in spring and the plant sprouts new leaves.

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