How to Transplant a Pecan Tree

Pecan trees are found in a number of varieties such as Elliott, Stuart, Cheyenne, Mahan and Mohawk. Pecan stands out to be the state tree of Texas. If a pecan tree is cross pollinated, it produces nuts which are sweet and edible and are typically 1 to 2 inches in length.

If you grow pecan tree, you may find the need of transplanting them at some point in time. It is something you must do carefully considering the fact that whenever you transplant a tree, you put it at the risk of dying.


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    Choose a place large and spacious enough for a pecan tree to grow properly. An area with direct sunlight which does not have other plants in a 35 feet radius is ideally for transplanting a pecan tree.

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    Ideal time of the year for transplanting a pecan tree is between the months of December and March. However you may transplant a Pecan tree as late as June provided that the tree you are going to transplant has been placed in soil already.

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    Dig a hole large enough to contain the tree roots in a spread position. Also, the hole you dig must be deep enough so that approximately 4 inches of the tree buds are buried in soil. A three by three feet wide and three feet deep will be ideal for transplanting a pecan tree.

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    After you have planted the pecan tree, fill the hole using the same soil which came out when you were digging the hole. Do not fertilise the soil because fertiliser may burn the roots.

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    When you have filled the hole, water the soil with five gallons of water. Abundantly water the pecan tree especially between the months of April and September because this is the growing season for a pecan tree and it requires lots of water during this season.

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    To prevent bombardment of harmful ultraviolet radiations and attack from pests, wrap a piece of foil around the base of the pecan tree and 18 inches of trunk.

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    Ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate is the best fertiliser for a pecan tree. When pecan tree leaves spring out in June, fertilise it with the appropriate fertiliser.

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