Flowers for an Orange Flower Garden

The color orange is bright and bold, and the personality of those who love the color orange reflects the jubilance and brilliance this color beholds. Those who love orange flowers are presented with a wide range of flowers to choose from when shopping for flowers, but there are a number of orange flowers that stand above the rest. There are many unique and beautiful varieties of orange flowers, and these orange flowers are breathtaking works of art provided by nature. The following orange flowers are a wonderful choice for most hardiness zones, and they make a great addition to any orange flower garden. Choose these beautiful orange flowers for your orange flower garden and you’ll have an amazing garden that’s bright, cheerful, and uniquely orange.

Tufted Violets

Tufted violets look just like violets, but they aren’t violet in color. Tufted violets are one of the most vibrant orange flowers available. The petals of the tufted violet are primarily orange, but some of the edges are a beautiful bright shade of golden yellow. The blossoms are stunning showstoppers in an orange flower garden, and they will put on a spectacular show the entire summer. The leaves of these beautiful orange flowers are also amazing. The leaves of the tufted violet are uniquely heart-shaped, and those who plant tufted violets will surely fall in love with these exceptional orange flowers.

Plant tufted violets in hardiness zones five through nine, and place them in partial shade or full sun for best results. These orange flowers will reach a height of approximately eight inches when fully grown.

California Poppy

When people think of poppies, the color red usually comes to mind, but poppies come in many other vibrant colors. California poppies are especially eye-catching because they are a beautiful shade of bright orange. This orange annual flower is native to the state of California, but it does well in all locations. Consider growing these delicate but hardy orange flowers in your orange flower garden. This vibrant orange flower will definitely turn a lot of heads.

This orange annual flower is grown most successfully by seed, and it reaches a maximum height of approximately ten inches. Although this orange flower is hardy and prefers full sun, it grows best in cooler climates.

Orange Sweet Pea

This classic flower was a favorite of gardeners long ago, and the sweet pea is regaining popularity once again. The sweet pea is available in several eye-catching colors, and orange is one of these colors. Orange sweet peas are simply beautiful, and they make a great addition to any orange flower garden. These orange flowers are not only beautiful, but they smell beautiful too. Orange sweet peas are rich in color and they are truly a great choice for those wanting to add the color orange to their flower garden or landscape.

Orange sweet peas reach a maximum height of approximately five feet, depending on the variety. Consider orange sweet peas in locations having a cooler climate. They are vigorous orange flowers that withstand drought, and they will provide beautiful orange blooms in the cooler weeks of spring or fall.

Orange Geraniums

Did you know there are orange geraniums? Many people are unaware the classic geranium is available in a beautiful shade of orange, and this orange beauty is a wonderful addition to any flower garden. Orange geraniums also make a bold statement when potted and placed on a porch, balcony, or deck. Orange geraniums are just as hardy and as easy to maintain as more common colors, and they will bloom from very early summer up until the first hard frost of autumn. Geraniums can be grown indoors during winter months, and will last for many years when properly cared for.

Orange geraniums reach a maximum height of about eighteen inches, and they grow best in areas receiving full sun to partial shade. Consider growing orange geraniums in your orange flower garden, and your garden will get many second looks from admirers.

Butterfly Weed

Despite the name, butterfly weed is hardly a weed. Butterfly weed is a gorgeous orange flower that appears to have wings like a graceful orange butterfly. Speaking of butterflies, actual butterflies love butterfly weed, and they are attracted to the beautiful nectar-rich orange flowers of this plant. Butterfly weed is a native American orange flower that’s very easy to grow and a great addition to any orange flower garden.

Consider growing orange butterfly weed in hardiness zones four through nine. Butterfly weed prefers full sun, and thrives in dry areas where other plants and flowers fail to grow. This beautiful orange flower reaches a maximum height of approximately three feet, and it makes a great orange backdrop for lower growing flowers. If you want an outstandingly hardy orange flower in your orange flower garden, butterfly weed is an excellent choice.

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