How to Store Gardening Tools for the winter

It is important for every gardening enthusiast to know how to store gardening tools for the winter season in order to protect them from humidity, rust and other wear and tear. It would not be easy for you to buy new gardening tools every time, therefore, store them properly during the winter season so that they can last a longer period of time.

Stocking up the gardening tools is a simple activity that you can carry out yourself without any help. It saves your time and money. So, store your gardening tools properly during winter and get them ready to go the minute spring fever hits on that first pleasant day during the upcoming springtime.

Things Required:

– Penetrating Oil
– Work Gloves
– Paste Wax
– Red Paint
– Steel Wool Pads
– Wire Brushes
– Large Bucket
– Metal Files
– Sandpaper


  • 1

    Wash your Gardening Tools

    The very first thing you have to do is, wash off the mud from all your gardening tools. Take a large bucket and fill it with water. Now soak your gardening tools in it for few minutes until the mud is soft. Take out the tools from the water and rinse them under running water or a water hose, using an old rag to do away with the mud.

  • 2

    Let them dry

    Set the washed gardening tools aside on a clean surface to dry completely.

  • 3

    Remove all the dust

    Now use a large piece of steel wool to remove all the possible dust particles from all angles of your gardening tools.

  • 4

    Sharpen your Gardening Tools

    Separate all the gardening tools that contain a sharp portion. Now hold the pointer ends of the tools steady against a bench grinder or other sharpening tool in order to sharpen them well. For small gardening tools, you can use a file, particularly designed for sharpening gardening tools.

  • 5

    Smooth the handles of the gardening tools

    Pick the gardening tools with wooden handles and use a sand paper to smooth out the entire uneven or splintery surface. Now wrap the wooden handles with pieces of clothes to protect them from dampness and other damages.

  • 6

    Spray with lubricating oil

    Come to the metal parts of your gardening tools and spray them with some good quality lubricating oil. It protects them from various weather changes and rust. Leave the tools for few minutes until dry completely.

  • 7

    Store your Gardening tools

    Now wrap all your gardening tools with burlap or fabric and store in a dry place.

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