Natural Lawn Care

Does the thought of using pesticides and herbicides in your lawn leave you feeling less than enthused? Well, natural lawn care is a great alternative. Instead of killing unwanted plants and insects, natural lawn care uses methods that are safe and environmentally friendly to control them.

Believe it or not, your front lawn does serve a purpose other than just looking good. It helps encourage water drainage during a storm, it helps cool the air around your home by providing oxygen, and since the roots dig into the earth and this keeps the soil in its place, preventing erosion.

That is why natural lawn care is so important. Buy using chemical fertilizers it negates a lot of the good that comes from having a lawn. Instead of promoting a healthy environment, chemical fertilizers harm it. They kill earthworms and other beneficial insects and often harm the drinking water.

Some people refuse to try natural lawn care, declaring that it is inferior. However, with some knowledge you can have a green and healthy lawn without the chemicals. Here are some tips:

Use a reel mower. Amongst the problems that lawn care can present, using a traditional gasoline mower is definitely one of them. Gas prices are high and create a lot of harmful gases that go into the atmosphere. With a reel mower you simply push it and the blades turn and cut the grass. They are lightweight and inexpensive and are a much better choice for natural lawn care.

Natural fertilizers. You can also find complete fertilizer systems that are completely organic. These include ingredients to replenish nutrients, make it green, help enhance soil health, and regulate the spread of weeds and insects using natural ingredients. Experiment until you find a brand you like. You can also do some research so you can make your own natural lawn care products.

Give it water. Yes, it is important to water your lawn once in a while, even from a natural lawn care stand point. Yes it is important to water your natural lawn but there is such a thing as overdoing. Give it a deep, thorough watering if there is no rain once a week or more.

Keep it long. A great secret of natural lawn care is to resist the urge to cut the lawn too short. If the grass is long, the roots become strong. This makes your grass stronger and less likely to be harmed when the weather is too hot, too rainy, etc.

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