How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Gardening can be done as a hobby or for professional purposes. Nowadays people are immensely busy in their fast paced lives and gardening can be a relaxing hobby that could help people unwind at the end of the day. This hobby can be enjoyed by people of any age group. Gardeners usually have to prepare their gardens for the winter season.

Taking care of the garden in fall and preparing for winter would involve small chores but would make a huge difference in the success of next year’s garden. These steps would not only make the garden look beautiful in winter but also protect them from the cold.


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    Clean up and cutting down:

    It is imperative that you cut down the damaged plants from the green shrubs and ferns to prevent any pests and disease. Many perennials should be cut at least 6 to 8 inches above the ground because they look tiered and messy during the cold season. Also remove the weeds and diseased leaves from the plants but don’t prune in the fall because that would stimulate growth in the harsh cold season and the plant would die. During the clean up, put the disease free leaves and parts of plants in compost bin and destroy the diseased parts.

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    Water your plants well in advance before the winters arrive. The ground should have moisture content for the plants survival before the ground freezes.  Evergreen plants and other shrubs and ferns will also suffer in the extreme cold. So water your plants well in advance before the blast of cold hits the ground.

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    Protect and prepare:

    Most non hardy plants can’t survive winter outdoors and may die if their roots are not underground. To solve this problem either move these plants indoors or under roof of a separate area where they would be protected from wind and extreme temperature. It is also important to get a detailed analysis of the soil in your ground as it would tell us about the deficiencies that can be fixed by adding fertilizers. Add mulch to improve the soil's organic content.

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