How to Grow Caraway Seeds

With a distinct crescent shape, caraway seeds are small and brown. Apart from the fact that these seeds can be used in soups, stews and a number of vegetable dishes, caraway seeds are commonly used to flavor rye bread. The leaves of the plant are used in salads in many parts of the world; whereas, the roots can be eaten like carrots after boiling. For treating eye infections and toothaches, caraway seeds and their oil is also used for medical purposes. You can easily grow caraway seeds at home as it is a simple process.

Things Required:

– Shovel or tiller
– Compost
– Bean seeds, pea or other plants (optional)


  • 1

    Select the right place

    The first step towards growing caraway seeds is to select the right place for plantation. You need to keep in mind that it requires rich and well-drained soil as well as full sun. Your backyard may be the right place if appropriate sunlight reaches there.

  • 2

    Buy the seeds

    You should visit a nursery nearby to purchase caraway seeds. It is recommended that you choose the best available quality of seeds as it should make it easy for you grow the plant.

  • 3

    Prepare the soil

    Having selected the right place, the next step is to prepare the soil for plantation. Use a shovel or tiller to turn the soil of the planting area and make sure that all the grass and weeds are removed properly.

  • 4

    Spread compost

    You are now required to spread a 4-inch layer of compost over the area of plantation. You can use the shovel once again to mix in the compost properly.

  • 5

    Sow the seeds

    In early fall or spring, you can sow the caraway seeds in the soil prepared for plantation. Seeds should be sown in rows that are wide enough to allow for cultivation tools - they should be approximately ½ inch into the soil.

  • 6

    Weed the planting area

    The planting area needs to be weeded regularly. Keep in mind that weed control is necessary during the germination and seedling stages as caraway seed is quite slow to germinate.

  • 7

    Plant other crops with caraway

    It is advised that you plant any other crop like beans or peas along with caraway because it will not produce until the second season (biennial).

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