How to Care for Flowers in Winter

We all love our gardens in spring because they are full of flowers blossomed in their bright colours, but a depressive mood prevails if you visit your garden in winters. Many plants, especially flower plants, present pictures of dead leaves and dried land. It is better you start planning in advance how you are going to protect your plants in winter. You do not need an expert advice, and can do the job with simple strategies and measures. No matter how well you have protected and taken care of your plants in spring, summer andĀ autumn, you need a brand new strategy to take care of your flowers in winter. They cannot sustain harsh weather conditions, especially when the temperature is below freezing point. From watering them deeply in advance to adding some fertilizers are part of a range of measures that you can take to protect your flowers in winters.


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    Water Deeply Just Before Winter

    Watering flowers at the right time and in the right quantity is a great help in your efforts to protect your flowers in cold weather conditions. November is generally the month when the winter season starts knocking on the local climate, and this is the month you can water your plant deeply for the last time until end of the winter season. One thing you should be sure of is that your flowers will use the water during the entire winter season. So, the quantity should be enough. A common yardstick to measure the quantity of water is that it should stand in your flowers pot or ground for a couple of minutes after water them. You will be able to assess quantity yourself better if you are involved in gardening on a regular basis.

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    Add Natural Fertilizer Stuff

    Fertilizers made out of banana leaves and other such things are better sustainable. So you can add things like banana leaves, tea bags and egg shells etc as fertilizers to your plants.

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    Spraying Fungicide and Insecticide

    Some of insects try to get shelter in leaves of your plant in the winter season, leading to some diseases and damage of the plants. You should spray your plants with fungicide to protect them from diseases and insecticides.

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    Cover Ground Around Plants

    You might be aware that roots of plants are spread around at a distance from trunk area. So it is better to cover ground around them at a measurable distance i.e. a feet, more or less. You can assess the size of the plant to determine how far their roots might have gone. Cover that area with leaves or straws accordingly. It will protect their roots in winters and they will have stronger power to fight off harsh winter weather.

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    Prune Your Plants

    In your final inspection of your plant, just before the winter season, prune dead leaves off the branches. May be you spot some sign of disease of insects on the leaves, and if so better cut them out as well. It is another way to protect your flowers from sudden emergence of diseases in winters.

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