Gardening Basics: Dressing for Comfort, From Gloves to Smock

Gardening is a hobby that is enjoyed by a great many people across the globe. In fact, studies have shown that working in a garden for 20 minutes a day has proven to reduce stress and bring a notable calm to gardeners. Taking the time to smell the roses is beneficial for all! Proper gardening gear is essential, in order to make your time spent outdoors enjoyable. Learn what you need to don, in order to get the most out of your time in the flower or vegetable beds.

So you want to spend some time outdoors today? Well, the first step that you must consider is what the weather is like in your particular area and to dress appropriately. Choosing a gardening outfit that is comfortable and well-suited to the current temperatures is important – there is nothing more miserable than wearing hot and heavy clothing when you plan to spend several hours out in the hot sunshine (not to mention that there is a dangerous risk of heat stroke). Also, while not the most fashionable of items, a loose and floppy wide-brimmed hat is also beneficial, as it offers some shade and will help to keep you cooler. Straw hats work wonderfully, providing protection for your head, while remaining light and airy.

A gardening apron or smock with large front pockets will also come in handy, especially for holding tools, seed packets or, in this modern day and age, even a cell phone for emergencies. This will help to reduce the number of times that you have to get up and retrieve items from elsewhere, or worrying about having to carry a bunch of items around in your hands. For planning-ahead-purposes, try keeping a little notepad and a pen in your smock as well, so that you can jot down notes, ideas, and items you need to get as you are gardening. Smocks can be found in a variety of materials, but keep in mind how rough you intend to be on your apron and how many things you intend to put in it and carry around – while a bit heavier and bulkier, a reinforced canvas apron is far more durable than something made of cool, light-weight cotton.

Gloves are essential to the gardener. Not only do they help to keep our hands cleaner and our nails safe, but they also protect us from blisters, nettles, and thorns. Some gloves offer a better grip on tool handles, especially gloves which are ribbed or have a rubber-coated palm to help prevent slippage. Today’s gloves also come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from spandex and nylon to leather and cotton, as well as coming in different sizes, in order to fit your hand for the most comfort.

Another form of garden apparel that is commonly overlooked is footwear. Before sticking your foot into any old shoe, you need to consider where you are going and what you intend to be doing. For example, donning your clean white new sneakers is not going to be a good idea if you plan on going out to run the tiller, and flip-flop sandals are definately ill matched when you need to dig with a spade. Additionally, in some areas, one must be on the lookout for snakes and may feel safer wearing a sturdy boot in order to protect themselves from potential snake bites.

While not a form of clothing, per se, a much-appreciated item to add to your gardening gear is sure to be a kneeling or knee pad. Some people will use short 3 legged stools or milk crates but the gardening knee pads are often more comfortable, depending on the type that you purchased. Very comfortable and durable knee pads can be purchased in most home improvement or hardware stores, for $50 or less.

Choosing the right gardening gear will help you to not only work better, but to enjoy your time spent outdoors. Whether you’re weeding existing beds, turning the ground or planting seeds, make the most of your gardening time and have fun with it. Now that you know how to dress the part, there’s no excuse why you can’t go and enjoy yourself.

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