How to Grow Hyssop at Home

Hyssop is a herb used in dishes like soups, stuffing, sauces and as filling. The herb grows as a bush with simple leaves and flowers of blue, pink and white. So it is not just the taste that is exciting. The flowers on the herb are a welcome addition to any gardening landscape.  Hyssop is also used in some perfume and liqueur varieties. It has a characteristic pungent smell which makes dishes aromatic and exciting. The herb is also used to make a tea that aids in digestion and also maintains blood pressure. Although the herb can be used dry, its true benefits and taste can be reaped only in fresh form. You can grow the herb yourself in your own herb garden or even in pots to have a fresh supply at hand. It will be less costly and save you from the trips to the market when you want to add some Hyssop to your steaming soup.

Things Required:

– Hyssop seeds
– Hose water
– Mulch
– Compost/fertilizer
– Tiller


  • 1

    Prepare the ground where you plan to grow the herb. Till up the top soil so that it is loose and soft for seeds to germinate. Moisten the soil with garden hose to create a germination medium. You can add a layer of compost or fertilizer to it at this stage or later to boost herb growth and yield.

  • 2

    The ideal sowing time for Hyssop is early spring. Sow the seeds over the soil at a distance of 30 cm apart. If you do not want to be very particular at this stage, you can just sprinkle the seeds and thin out the seedlings later at convenience.

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    While the seeds germinate, keep the area weed free. Thin out the seedlings to make room for the existing ones. Thin out the weak seedlings so that the strong ones remain. Apply a layer of mulch to the soil to increase the water retention and organic content. Keep the soil moist but prevent it from being water logged.

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    When the herb starts to sprout flowers, pick off the flowers and the green tops. Use them fresh instantly. You can also dry them in the sun and place them in air tight containers to preserve freshness and scent. The same herb plant is going to last several years with proper care.

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