A Girls Guide to Winterizing a House

It is time for the dreaded winter season… Ugh! I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. The worst part about winter in my opinion is the shock of opening my gas bill. I must sit down before I am brave enough to open this bill every month in the winter, as I am afraid I will become weak and faint at the shockingly high figure that is staring at me in bold black print.

As a lady, it can be challenging to make your home energy efficient. I am not trying to be mean, but if I waited on the man of the house to tend to all of these types of chores I might grow old waiting. After feeling drafts and spending a fortune to attempt to heat my home I decided I could take on this chore of sealing and winterizing on my own. I want to share what I learned with other ladies to assist them in effectively winterizing their homes.

You will need a few basic items, have on hand the following before beginning the process of winterizing.

a candle

a pad of post it notes

a clear or white sealant, usually silicone based available at Walmart or any home improvement store

Light the candle and use this as a tool to determine where air is coming through. As an example, with the candle lit, slowly move it around the frame of a window. If you have air coming in from this area, the flame of the candle will flicker from the draft. Mark this and all other areas requiring your attention with a post it. Repeat this process around all windows and doors. If you live in an older home, also check window sills and exterior walls for minor cracks. A pinhole can really let in a lot of cold air, and let out a lot of heat!

When you are finished marking areas to seal, get out your sealant or caulking. Read the directions! Follow them also! This is a very easy job if you are able to follow the instructions, use a smoothing tool, which is probably included or something like a putty scrapper to smooth out the sealant for a smooth and seamless job. I use a clear caulking, which is basically invisible.

Sealing in air cracks and pinholes will save you a lot of money on your heating bill, and is a job that can be completed by anyone in under an hour, depending upon the size of your house. I spent under three dollars on my sealant, and I have been saving about fifty dollars a month on my heating bill!

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