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Designing a dream house is more than just a blue print, or layout from some software. It is the vision you have for a place of comfort, and a place to call home. The vision should come from what you value, and how you live your life. For instance, if you need space it needs to be written in your plans. There are so many different styles of housing exteriors. Choose the exterior of the home that explains who you and your family are as people. It is a good way to show off your personality. You can really show people who you are by the interior of the home. There has been some people who have an ordinary exterior design of house. Yet, inside the common looking home was immaculately designed. MTV showed a home Donald Trump has for sale in Florida that he wants to sell for $125 Million dollars. One feature I liked the best was the French Regency Design of the main house. Here are some ideas for rooms to add to your dream home.

Foyer– On HGTV there was a woman whose foyer was a room. She did not know what to do with it, so experts made it suitable for guests. It is a great way to keep unwanted guest away from the main home.

Vestibule– This is a perfect room for guest and family to take off their coats and weathered shoes. One can Have a woven basket full of knitted shoes you allow on your carpet. Make sure to put a bench in this area to make it easier for everyone to respect your home.

Billiard Room-This room will be excellent for teens, kids, or anyone who loves games. This room was built for game playing. In these rooms one may find a pool table or even a ping pong table. I see this as A suitable room for one or two arcade games, a large 60 inch HDTV and all the game systems. Of course you have to have the games for each system.

Master Bedroom/ Bedroom Suites-There is nothing more appealing when it comes to this room. This room should be created as a place of solace where you feel more comfortable. Meaning, it should be difficult to leave such a place. Think of what would make you feel at home: the decor and design, the color, and furnishings). You can even have a California Walk-In Closet and a window seat.

Master Bathrooms a.k.a ( La salle de bains)-Make this room an oasis strictly for the purpose of bathing, and keeping clean. A la salle de bains is French for a bathing room. These type of rooms will not have the typical WC( water closet a.k.a toilet) in them. Here one will find a shower, tub, vanity sinks and mirror. To make it extra special try a huge walk-in shower with a sitting block with Kohler shower heads. Moreover, a vanity with a his and her sink, a Japanese Soaking Tub or Jacuzzi. You can always put your commode in another room like a half bath of a good size. Tight spaces makes it hard to keep tidy, so make sure it has plenty of space. You can keep a linen closet or linen armoire in the master bath, and a woven cabinet for your bath tissue and things.

Sunken Living Room-This can be the best room to entertain guest. There was once a home that had a sunken floor in the living room area. The sunken area of the floor can be the perfect introduction to the most comfortable sofa and chairs. To make the comfort level soar a little more, add a nice grand piano. Hopefully, one of your guest will be a virtuoso to entertain you.

Formal Dining Room-You can make this pure elegance, and fitting for all occasions. You don’t have to make it really fancy, but to make sure the bones of it is sizable to meet the needs of your family. Here you can have a built in china cabinet to display your beautiful china. Don’t forget that chandelier above the table. In addition, it will make it easier to set the table for the holidays. Make sure that the kitchen and dining area are not too fat apart for convenience.

Country Kitchen-I always envision a spacious kitchen with lots of cabinet space and an island right in the middle of it. Conventional Ovens are great to have in the walls for extra places to bake during the holiday seasons. You can have a black marble sink or double stainless steel sink, granite counter tops, stainless steel dish washer drawer. You can also have a freezer drawer that fits within the cabinetry. A Lazy Susan comes in handy for every kitchen.

Home Office/Study-This is a must for any Entrepreneur or Netrepreneur who wants to cut all bills, and taxes in half each year. Having one ones business to work any hours one chooses is what many people are choosing to do. Families are tired of spending all the time for ‘the man’ when life’s precious moments should be spent with those they love. This is a good quiet place to do your taxes, and pay your bills.

Double Walk-In Pantry-It doesn’t hurt to have a place to stock up on food for the winter months. This should be a nice square sized room with cabinets and refrigeration in case your own cannot hold as much. This room should be located near or in the vicinity of the kitchen for convenience.

1St Floor Laundry Room-I cannot think of a better invention than having the laundry on the main floor. It is better than having to fight all the cobwebs and creepy things in a deep, dark, and cold basement. You can set up this room with a table for folding, built in shelves for laundry items, the washer and the dryer. Don’t forget to add the chairs. This room can also come in handy for your general cleaning items. You can add a broom closet in there for convenience.

Attached Garage and Storage Area-There is nothing more convenient than driving into ones garage that is attached to the home. Especially during the winter months, it is a killer to have to walk back towards the house from a detached garage. The storage area can be for those items you would normally put in an attic or basement. You can also use the storage area for another purpose such as a studio of some sort.

Hawaiian LanaiThis would be a terrific alternative to a deck. You can really make this your own having it an enclosed area where you can eat not bothered by pests. You can watch the sunset, and enjoys the views of your land.

Family RoomA fun room that should be reserved for family and really close friends. Here you can make it as homey and comfortable as possible. You can have a huge 60 inch color HDTV, a mini bar, and kitchenette.

Courtyard and Gazebo– A courtyard of a garden is a beautiful thing to behold with a stone, or brick walkway. You can also put black iron benches in your court yard. A Gazebo is just an enclosed area most people build in the back yard’s center. It will keep the pets and sun away as you enjoy the scenery around you.

Fitness Gym-These rooms always come in handy during rainy or snow filled days. Once you buy your own equipment, you can work out for free in the convenience of your own home. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to make excuses for slacking off your daily workout.

All these rooms have one thing in common. The commonality is the word ‘convenience’ to make life easier and comfortable. Other rooms can be added to suit what you do for a living. If you are scientific, you will probably want a laboratory. If you are a musician or songwriter, you will want a music recording studio. If you are an artist you will want an art studio. If you like to build things, you will need a workshop area in your home. The only thing needed is the funds to make your dreams come true. We only have one life to live, so try to make you’re a good one. Try hard not to settle for less than what you want.

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