Building a Storage Shed: Plans vs. Kit

So, you want to build a storage shed in your backyard, but aren’t sure whether to use storage shed plans or a storage shed kit. Both are great options, but the clear winner is storage shed plans.

The Disadvantages of Storage Shed Kits

Pre-fabricated storage shed kits include pre-cut, ready to assemble pieces and step-by-step instructions. Storage shed kits are usually simple and fast to build.

However, many storage shed kits are less durable and won’t outlast a storage shed made from quality building materials using a plan. Another disadvantage of storage shed kits is the lack of choice and inability to customize them to match your style and storage needs.

The Advantages of Storage Shed Plans

Storage shed plans include straightforward, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and dimensions, a list of materials, site preparation advice, foundation options, a floor plan, framing plan, roof plan, and siding plan, door and window options, cutting guides, tips for building your shed, customization options, a list of tools you will need, and more.

A storage shed built from scratch, using plans, quality building materials, and techniques used in home construction, is more durable than a shed built from a kit. This durability and the quality construction techniques carryover to better protecting the valuables stored inside your shed.

Many storage shed kits are prone to leaks, leading to damage or totally ruining the contents of your shed. A storage shed built from a plan should be as weather tight and leak-resistant as your home.

Storage shed plans provide the ability to re-size, modify, and customize to suit your exact storage needs. If you choose a storage shed kit, you have to customize your storage needs to meet the dimensions of the kit.

You can build a well-designed, attractive storage shed that compliments your home and landscape with storage shed plans. Matching the style of your home, siding, roof lines, windows, doors, and paint colors with storage shed plans can actually add to your property value. A storage shed built from a kit of a different style, material, or quality may actually detract from the value of your home.

Also, a storage shed built with plans is more cost effective and can be much less expensive in the long run than a shed built from a kit.

Building your own storage shed using plans can be a fun and rewarding project that gets you organized and can add to your property value. Consider using free storage shed plans available on the Internet to get your new shed underway.

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