How to Make a Sweet Smelling, All Natural Pomander Ball

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and creative way to add a pleasant scent to you’re your closets or the rooms in your house, you can do it with style by crafting a pomander ball. What exactly is a pomander? The official definition of a pomander is a “mixture of aromatic substances enclosed within a box or bag.” These aromatic creations have been around since the middle ages but really gained popularity in the Victorian era when they were used to mask the smell of stale odors. They still do an effective job of masking odors and will keep your home smelling fresh and natural. Here’s how to make a pomander ball out of fresh fruit:

Make a pomander ball: Gather your supplies.

For this project you can use any citrus fruit to serve as the base for your pomander ball. Oranges, lemons, and even apples work well for this purpose. You’ll also need a supply of ground, aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, some large headed cloves, as well as an essential oil in a scent that compliments your chosen spices. At your local craft store, pick up a knitting needle for poking a hole in the fruit as well as some ribbon for decorating your ball once it’s completed. When you choose ribbon select colors and patterns that will coordinate with the color scheme in your home.

Make a pomander ball: Mix your spices.

Pour your mixture of ground spices into a small glass ball and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Mix thoroughly and set the bowl aside.

Make a pomander ball: Apply the cloves.

Using your knitting needle, pierce the fruit to make a small hole. Insert a large headed clove into the hole and repeat. Continue making holes using your knitting needle and adding large headed cloves to the holes you’ve created. Keep the holes close together to avoid having the fruit show. When you’re finished, your fresh fruit should be completely covered in cloves. You may want to protect your fingers with masking tape during this process since cloves can be sharp.

Make a pomander ball: Add the spice.

Now that your fruit is covered in cloves, pour your ground spices onto a sheet of wax paper and gently roll the ball in the spices until it’s completely covered. Place your pomander into a plastic bag and allow it to dry for a period of two to three weeks in a cool, dark place before using.

Make a pomander ball: Decorate your creation

Now that your ball is completely dry, you can tie your chosen ribbon around the fruit and secure it with hot glue. You can also add additional decorations like silk flowers, dried flowers, or ornamental birds. Admire your finished work!

You can hang your pomander in a closet, place it in a drawer to keep it smelling sweet, or display it in a bowl with other pomanders or potpourri. You’ll love the delicious smell of your handmade pomander.

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