Eliminating Rats and Mice Humanely by Using the Rat Zapper

In not so long ago past, coming up with a way to dispatch of rats in a very simple, yet humane manner seemed almost impossible and out of touch. In a very short time frame, the Rat Zapper has offered a solution to that problem and is now a part of many households. It was when a curious rate met his maker when it touched a live electrical wire on Robert Noe’s horse fence. That event sparked an idea and was turned from dream to successful and effective product which spurred the phrase, “The Power Tool for Rodent Control” across the globe. Are there any benefits to adding the Rat Zapper in your home?

Medieval Rodent Control

Usually mice and rat infestations get out of hand because when it first begins because it wasn’t addressed at the very beginning. For most of us, we respect the life of many creatures and many of the methods available to dispatch rats are crude, brutal, and leave an undesirable mess for you to clean up.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing the Rat Zapper is that it issues a lightning fast shock to the rodent which is fatal and avoids leaving a blood soaked scene, especially if there are kids in your home who may happen to witness the bloody mess can be troublesome.

Even adults’ conscience can be affected by having to kill rodents which the Rat Zapper Ultra and Rat Zapper Classic help to limit by utilizing patented, advanced electronic technology which eliminates the rate humanely instantly as it contacts the Rat Zapper.

Flexible Solutions No Matter How Small or Big Your Infestation Problems May Be

It doesn’t matter if your home is infested with small mice or even larger rats because Rat Zapper Ultra and the Classic version are available in different sized which allow enough space for larger rats to enter. You also won’t have to worry about hassling with cords and wires because the Rat Zapper is operated by batteries. This means that you can dispatch the Rat Zapper into any space such as on top of cupboards and shelves, or along a fence where rats usually prefer to use as places to climb up. Depending on the brand and strength of your batteries, you can expect to kill on average up to 10 – 30 rodents for every set of batteries. Another great benefit is that you don’t have to buy special bait as the Rat Zapper uses ordinary pet food to lure rodents.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the Rat Zapper can be customized for placement in both small and larger establishments and homes – up to 16 zappers can be monitored from a central location. Isn’t that amazing? Many warehouses, storage facilities, and bakeries benefit greatly with savings in manpower, time, and money compared to the days of wasteful and inhumane ways to control rodent infestation.

Rat Zapper Is Almost Auto-Pilot

Another great benefit to owning the Rat Zapper is that you don’t have to constantly check up on the status of the trap. The moment a rodent is dispatched, a red light flashes which is the signal it sends out that the device needs to be emptied. Disposal is also a breeze which performed by tilting the Rat Zapper to let the deceased rat slip into your desired disposal container. This means that you won’t have to make any contact with the rat that could result in getting your hands dirty with old, out-dated methods.

If you want to place the Rat Zapper in a difficult to reach place, the unit can be connected with the Rat Tale which is a device that allows you to remotely monitor the trap with an extension cord that measures 12 feet. With it’s own tracking monitor panel, the Battle Station offers the same benefit.

The Jury Weighs In

If you really take a look at all the benefits listed here, it’s no wonder why it’s difficult to not see why the Rat Zapper is such a desirable and sought-after way to eliminate a rodent infestation in a simple and humane manner.

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