Streamlight Flashlights – the Worlds Brightest Flashlight

Do you know which flashlight is the pick for most fire departments and police agencies? For those who are keenly aware of flashlight quality the choice will come as no surprise. Hands down, Streamlight flashlights are simply known all over the world as the world’s best flashlight. To be the top choice for law enforcement and firefighting units you know it has to be good.

Streamlight flashlights can be found in every different type imaginable, from long lasting rechargeable flashlights to helmet models, hand held flashlights, and so many other types.

The Streamlight flashlight is specially built to stand up to practically every kind of abuse possible. Their casings are built to resist crushing, which means you can run over one in a car and it will remain in the same shape as it was before. These flashlights are also waterproof as well, and they can stand up to extreme temperatures, whether it is the heat of summer or the frigid cold weather in winter.

Many people do not know that it was Streamlight who came out with the world’s first rechargeable halogen flashlight. In fact, NASA used the company’s million – candlepower hand held light way back in the 1970’s. This is a testament to the product in itself.

You will find Streamlight flashlights available with several different choices of bulbs. This includes xenon, krypton and halogen bulbs, as well as a unique dual filament bulb. This extra filament is like an automatic backup bulb in case the first one happens to burn out.

Another one of the Streamlight flashlights that are among their most popular is the LED flashlight. It is not only powerful, but it virtually lasts forever. LED bulbs are made to last up to 10,000 hours and are brighter and more powerful than any standard filament type bulbs.

Among the many everyday uses for these flashlights include those who enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring. You will never have to worry about having a working flashlight on your next camping trip with one of these. They can be dropped on rocks or in the water and continue to work perfectly.

Other uses include having one in your car in the case of a breakdown, be it a flat tire in the middle of the night or other engine troubles where you need a dependable light to see what is going on.

Without a doubt, the Streamlight flashlight is the model of choice for anyone who needs, or wants, to have the best flashlight available.

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